Big Daddy V's Widow, Cassandra Frazier, Apologizes To WWE & Vince McMahon

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The widow of Big Daddy V Nelson Frazier Jr, Cassandra Frazier, apologized on Sunday after unloading on WWE and Vince McMahon on social media last week. She posted the following on Facebook:

If there is ever a time to give someone a pass, this is certainly it. Cassandra's husband, known by WWE fans as Big Daddy V, Viscera and King Mabel, died on February 19, 2014 after suffering a heart attack.

His funeral is Tuesday in East Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Skip Mathias

    She definitely deserves a pass. I was at the Smackdown taping where they showed the tribute message at the beginning of the show for Nelson Frazier Jr, so I can understand why she believed they weren’t paying tribute (what with it airing on Friday).

    It is still curious why WWE didn’t have that message on Monday Night Raw.

    • Jason

      Agreed. I don’t see why they couldn’t have put “In Memory of” at the beginning with his name, picture, and dates like they do for their own workers or other talents.

      • I agree. What’s done is done but they could have recognized it. However, I feel horrible for Big Daddy V’s wife, friends and family. She shouldn’t be held accountable for that rant. She was just letting off some steam.

        • Jason

          I don’t hold her accountable at all for the rant. If I, or just about anyone else, had been in that situation, I would have likely reacted the same way. I would be upset as well that there wasn’t at least a message at the beginning of the broadcast. She was acting out of emotion at the time and likely not so much as anger. She had just lost her husband and with all the emotions going through her mind at the time, it just flew out there.

        • Scott Davies

          I think WWE did not do it on Raw so there is no negative things while Launching the WWE network. WWE has done things like that before. As for his wife. I thought it was just grieving so I thought nothing of it.

        • matt

          Richard, wwe DID recognize nelson’s death on when it happened the previous day and wwe did a tribute for him on sd.
          wwe did not do a tribute on raw because the company did not want to DEPRESS viewers at home. wwe was bringing out HAS BEEN HOGAN and that guy is a walking , talking CARTOON character and wwe was launching the wwe network so it did not want to bring the mood of the viewing audience down by announcing a wrestling death on national tv even though the guy passed away due to complications associated with his obesity.

          • Mysterion


          • This is all just assumption on your part, of course, but it does make sense.

          • Jason

            Allow me to disprove you right there. WWE showed the Mae Young tribute the night Batista returned. Also, he was losing weight and getting help at the time of his death. To say at this point that his death was due to complications associated with his obesity is completely unfounded.

          • Yeah but there’s a world of difference between Batista’s return and that of Hogan. No comparison.

  • Eva Marie

    She gets a pass and collect $200?

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Didn’t see that coming and well, at least she learned to spell.