Backstage News On The Babyface Turn Of Big E Langston, Why He Has More Support Than Any Young Star In WWE

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An apparent babyface turn began with Big E Langston on this week's episode of WWE Smackdown that was taped this past Tuesday night in Kansas City. Following a singles match against CM Punk, in which Langston went under, he helped Punk fend off Ryback and Curtis Axel.

How WWE handles the angle will be interesting as Langston was actually in the running to get the role that is currently being played by Ryback. We broke the story here on Premium that Ryback, Langston or a possible developmental call-up were discussed for the role as the next "Paul Heyman Guy." WWE ended up going with Ryback at WWE Night of Champions back in September.

Another interesting note in regards to Big E Langston is the amount of backstage support he has garnered. Not only has Triple H had to remind Vince McMahon to take it slow with him, John Cena is one of his biggest supporters. As we reported here on Premium in early May, at one point Cena went out of his way to train with Langston on the road and made him a bit of a personal project.

Between Vince McMahon and John Cena, Langston has more support than any new guy on the roster.

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  • smark calloway

    or as i like to call him..stink e langston ©

    • gunshot225

      You dont have to worry about anybody stealing that dumb ass name.

      • smark calloway

        well thats the idea..its suppose to be such a dumbass , stupid name obviously dont get the jericho humour of it ( stinko malenko, roy mysterio, raisin etc )

  • Dustyn

    I like him. Curious to see what they do with him.

  • Rick

    I don’t see why he has so much support from these guys! I agree with giving a talent time but from what I saw from NXT I just don’t see anything of top star quality.

    • K!NG

      And then tell me who did you see with top star quality ?

      • I don’t like that some people are already writing off Big E Langston. Sure, he’s the stereotypical mold but that doesn’t mean he can’t be successful. I gave Ryback a chance, he didn’t impress me. I’m more than willing to give Langston that same opportunity.

        • Avalanchian

          As long as Big E doesn’t mess up spots and such he should continue to most likely get a push. Ryback’s downfall I believe is his carelessness in the ring.

        • David F.

          Hopefully WWE gives Big E some mic time to display more of his personality. Maybe have him go over Axel for IC title at HIAC. Big E has the look and shown signs of decent enough personality to be big player in WWE. He can actually talk a little unlike Cryback

  • Tony Rankin

    Finally, he was over like crazy on NXT as a face. There were resounding ‘5’ chants when he made his entrance and every time he hit the Big Ending there was always “1 more time” chants. Should’ve been made face a long time ago as in contrast to his huge demeanor, he’s naturally a goofy person. There’s a video of him taking care of a Big E themed My Little Pony from a jealous AJ Lee on YouTube and its pretty hilarious.

  • kenneth

    And every body says John Cena trying to bury the talent

    • Jamie

      I actually thought John Cena spent more time helping talent, I thought it was Randy Orton that liked to bury the talent

  • Nostaljack

    Big E’s a riot. I’m so glad they’re turning him. This is exactly as it should be. Can’t wait to see what materializes.

  • BIG M

    I’m not surprised that Big E has made it big backstage in WWE.
    He was the most popular talent in NXT both with the crowd and his trainer’s and they couldn’t give him a run with the NXT championship fast enough after Seth Rollins was called up with the shield.
    If anyone in the US has a chance to see NXT live you should take it I’m lucky since I live in Australia and get to see there tv show every week.

  • Tom Lee

    Big E is cena’s guy !

  • Larry Hicks

    I called it; E being better in the ring than cryback. He can actually put on good matches, and has consistently has, have they been 5 stars. No,but they have been good 3-4 star matches. He should have got ryback’s push, but im glad they see what I see. Ic champion coming up in a few weeks. Im calling it, and i usually dont like the big muscle bound wrestlers,but his intesity and the abilty to acuallty sell as a big man has sold me for a while. He is the best big man on the roster next to show, reigns.

  • Ricky

    Going to be that guy, Cena supported Zack Ryder and after a small push look where Long Island Iced Z is now.
    Just goes to show everyone Cena supports doesn’t sky rocket to the Main Event.

    • smark calloway

      yeah they do!..they sky rocket to ” main event ” every wednesday

      • Ricky


  • Avalanchian

    Cena isn’t the one to bury good talent. What happens is WWE creative well… they aren’t very creative and like to simply take the safe routes majority of the time. I like the look of Big E and hope he gets a push in character freedom.

  • Jamie

    I’ve been wanting to see Big E in a more “active” role, instead of being on the side lines and/or back-up to AJ.

    Or could this be just a ruse? What if Big E was to become a Heyman Guy?

  • VaneyScopaz

    Cena is cool tho tbh, he helps out, cm Punk does too, but that damn Orton got Kennedy fired, Killed Kofi push, Killed Zigglers push, He is a pest and selfish

  • Vaneyscopaz

    Yeahh i agree Big E is super impactful and careful in the ring! But outside of the ring? Sheesh remember he nearly knocked off AJ’s tits that time lmaoooo