Big E Langston Has A Rookie Moment On His Way To The Ring

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Big E Langston accidentally backhanded AJ Lee on his way out for his in-ring debut on WWE Raw against Daniel Bryan on Monday night. AJ laughed it off on Twitter:

If you missed it you can watch the blooper at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Dangerous Lee

    RIP AJ’s left boob.

  • Poor boob, at least Big E looked like he enjoyed it.

    Richard do you need someone to review and write NXT results for the site?

  • Damm that girl can take a hit! I would have went down like a ton of bricks if Big E had it me like that!

  • Luke

    I didn’t even notice it happened due to how aj didn’t even flinch. No sell!

  • Batman

    Interesting. You’ll do an article about Big E.’s “rookie moment”, but nothing about Randy Orton’s rookie moment? What, you scared of him shouting at you on Twitter like Mark Henry did?