Big E Langston Reveals Advice John Cena Gave Him

Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard profiles Big E Langston's video game debut in WWE 2K14. In it, Langston reveals some advice that John Cena gave him. Below is an excerpt:

As your video game debut reminds us, you’re still pretty new in the wrestling game. What’s the best advice you’re received about life in the WWE?

From John Cena, I learned about the importance of timing and the moment. There are things you can let get away from you, and things might happen out of nowhere, but it’s all about owning the moment. When you’re out there in front of the crowd, it’s about taking that chance or doing something special so you go from just being a guy to being someone important.

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

As we've been reporting since May, Big E Langston is a guy that Cena has been looking out for and has been grooming him "every step of the way." They've been close since Langston was called up to the main roster and Cena sees him as a future headliner.

  • JJ

    Big E definitely did that doing a suicide dive just prior to his title win. Can’t wait to see him work on adding more to his dynamic game.

  • Nick K

    If he learns how to talk he’ll likely do well. Sounds like they’re trying to hand it to him.

    • Nostaljack

      He can already talk. Look at the YouTube videos; he’s hilarious! I also thought he did well on “Raw” this past week given the obvious constraints.

  • King A sshole

    I can completely see why Triple H and Vince McMahon are butting heads about whether to push Roman Reigns or Big E Langston. And I agree with what Kendra said a few weeks ago, that the two of them will be the major players in five years, hell it could be three years. Just a whole lot to like about the younger talent in general right now, but Big E is starting to stand out in an big way, Not as the leader, but definitely as someone to watch. Good luck Langston!

  • GOR

    I hope Cena didn’t give him any advice about in-ring skills n character developement !