Big Johnny, NAO Still Have It, Mysterio & Sin Cara, Cena vs. Undertaker?

When John Laurinaitis was written off TV almost a year ago you reported that "we hadn't seen the last of him" and that he'd return to TV. Was his brief segment with The Rock on Smackdown right before Wrestlemania considered his return or can we still expect to see him back on TV in the future?

John Laurinaitis still works backstage for WWE and there is always a possibility about his on-screen character returning down the line. His appearance on Smackdown with The Rock showed he could be used when called upon. It's kind of like Vince McMahon's on-air character. While his primary job is behind-the-scenes, he can appear on television when needed. Both have responsibilities other than their on-screen roles. These are different from the storyline authority figures such as Teddy Long or Vickie Guerrero, who hold no backstage roles or responsibilities but are on-screen talent only.

With The New Age Outlaws competing at live events do you think if given an actual program on pay-per-view they could draw some good buys?

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, known collectively as The New Age Outlaws, worked the entire WWE European tour and proved they still have it. I'm thrilled they are back with WWE, albeit in a different capacity, and they can be used if called upon. Do I think they could still draw? Absolutely but it's the same situation I talked about above. It comes down to the opportunity and desire to use them.

Where are Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara?

Rey Mysterio had more knee problems after taking a personal leave of absence. He stated recently that he should be back in the ring soon. Sin Cara is back after suffering a concussion and was on weekend live events and worked two matches taped for TV this week. One of them aired on this week's episode of WWE Main Event, a victory over WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett in a non-title match.

What are your thoughts on John Cena vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX?

I would like to get through SummerSlam before I even start thinking about Wrestlemania XXX. I can tell you Undertaker is a hot commodity, with many guys wanting to work with him. People close to The Rock feel he would be more inclined to work the show if it was against Undertaker at the shear fact that it would draw huge. With that being said, let's focus on the other shows for now.

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  • Don Tonberry

    I would love to see The Rock face the Undertaker again. Its always good to see 2 wrestlers from the attitude era in the ring in these PG times. Also as much as I dislike John Cena’s current character, a match between him and The Undertaker should be pretty good.

    • Callum

      Cena’s current character? Its changed?

  • Mark J.

    Richard, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with speculating. None of us expect you to predict these decisions with only a limited amount of inside information.

    Even The Rock knows that his match with Undertaker does not sell as well as Cena, in terms of booking. Vince will not want another bookmark opponent for Undertaker where the outcome is predictable. Vince likes “big ideas,” and nothing is bigger (with respect to The Streak) than Taker-Cena at this point. The only thing stopping it would be if a bigger (unexpected) opponent emerges for Cena. Unless Orton turns back to an amazing heel this fall/winter or maybe Lesnar does a program where he starts attacking fans (and Super Cena rescues them), I don’t see a logical opponent for Cena, other than Taker.

    My guess is that Cena will remain a stale face all year, appeasing Cena lovers (kids and families) and annoying the Cena haters (25-year-old stay-at-home boys). At that point, WWE will once again do their version of cranking up the Cena character and make defeating The Streak his last “bucket list” accomplishment.

    Cena-Taker is the only matchup that EVERYONE will actually have at least a sliver of doubt toward whether The Streak will remain in tact. And since Taker brings out the best in his opponents, the quality of that match will ultimately rest on Cena’s shoulders. From that standpoint, I like that kind of “test” for Cena.

    • Xavier

      Well said.

    • This match would be a great heel turn chance have him win dirty somehow. Maybe streak vs title if he is still champ?

      • Xavier

        Gonna have to disagree. If the streak ends it can’t be dirty. It has too be a clean win to truly elevate whoever beats Taker. But honestly at this point I think Taker should walk away undefeated at Mania

        • Topherrulez

          Even better, Cena’s turns heel, uses everyone’s finishing moves ( rko, stunner, rock bottom, pedigree, scm, ect).That doesn’t work, accidental crotch shot, to no win. He goes nut with chair shots, then one to the head. He goes for the win. Taker slaps on Hells gate for the win.

          • The sounds terrible

          • opie

            It’s just dreadful.

      • The Bops

        Please stop – Cena will never turn.

  • Jamie

    I really want to see Rock V Undertaker

  • Connor

    For me my Wrestlemania 30 mainevents would be CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar, Triple H vs Rock and Cena vs Undertaker for the title

  • Sandusky

    I find it hilarious when he’s referred as “big Johnny”. He may be tall yet looks like he can easily be beaten down even if he was a former wrestler.

  • sir-rusty82

    Who cares about WM XXX when we haven’t even had 1 PPV since WM 29 especially when most of you hated WM 29 why do you even care???

  • Smexy “Jay” Shuffle

    They WASTED this year’s WM Main event!!!!!!!

    We could have seen Rock Vs Brock this year

    And Next year could be Rock Vs Undertaker or even Brock vs Undertaker

    Get Austin Vs Punk

    Then that would leave Trips and Cena for different opponents

    Rather then seeing the same Trilogy of matches every year that no one wants to see!


  • Lindsay

    I personally have no desire to watch Rock vs Brock/Taker/etc… I’d much rather see part timers used to elevate current talent than re-play matches from a decade ago.

    • Smart Mark

      I’d rather talk about Extreme Rules, Payback, MITB, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and so on because WM is still a year away and all the other PPV’s come first.

    • Monty

      Stop this crap

      Part timers will be more involved than ever before and here is why: they draw more in 2-3 months that most full timers don’t do in one year

      Rock as wwe champ might not mean much to is but he brought wwer a lot of free media coverage everywhere he took the title that wwe wouldn’t have otherwise gotten

      Get ready for Stone cold

      In line next

      Rock vs taker makes me want to order WM, I much rather see that than cena vs taker. We know for sure 100% taker’s streak ain’t Ending no more who is he facing

      • if say ziggler had a program with the rock he would draw better

  • Mohan Ramnath

    i would rather give some1 else who deserves a shot at wrestlemania so def not cena he has had enuough of it and holds the title wayy to much they need to improve the younger talent so i would rather see Daniel or Ziggler vs Taker They would loose but guaranty we’l see actually wrestling eps with danny( with out the gaot gimmic) but the technical wrestler that he is.

  • NAO should be strapped with the gol…I mean copper! Here’s a crazy idea…how about having an ACTUAL tag team hold the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP for a change instead of 2 singles guys who’ve been thrown together in order to bring back a little prestige to the belts. And with the NAO as tag champs, it also brings a little nostalgia for the older fans who’ve been clamoring for someone from the Attitude Era holding a title. Thoughts?