Big Money Match, What's Going On With Hogan & Styles, WWE Creative Problems, Cryptic Tweets

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In your opinion, what realistic match right now would draw the most money for the WWE?

There are a lot of combinations with big earning potential. One that I feel would be great for Wrestlemania XXX next year would be CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. You never know what direction that WWE is going to take but even though the roster is thin right now, there are matches that will draw. WWE also has the ability to use stars such as Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and Triple H. These guys are huge assets when you pair them with workers such as the aforementioned Punk and Bryan. Two guys that I would consider doubtful for the show next year,at least in their current state, are Steve Austin and The Rock.

Can you take us past the scripts and storylines and tell what is truly going on with TNA, Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles? Is this all one big work and they are making us look like marks?

Hulk Hogan's current contract with TNA Wrestling is up Monday/Tuesday and the last I heard, they had not reached an agreement on a new one. The fact that TNA is playing up the Hogan/Dixie Carter storyline tells me they think they'll get something done but there is nothing we can confirm as of this writing. AJ Styles signed a short-term extension to take him through Bound for Glory but it expires before the end of the year. TNA has been in the process of cutting all talent contracts in an effort to save money. Hogan and Styles are of no exception and it's going to be a very interesting situation to watch play out.

Am I making it too easy when I think if WWE hired more good writers they could minimize their creative and booking problems?

Yes and if it were this easy it would have already been done. There are several things that cause creative problems but it all boils down to having to write weekly television each and every week and expect the storylines to make logical sense. Sometimes WWE accomplishes this, other times they do not. WWE gets in trouble by booking on the fly or Vince McMahon orders last minute script changes. One of the biggest things I don't think a lot of people understand is how difficult the job of a writer is. As one observer told me, it's not fun to write TV and is a very tedious task.

What is up with these "cryptic tweets" to the official WWE Twitter account? Have you heard anything special about who it is and when this person will return or make their debut?

I am under the impression the Tweets are about Undertaker and/or Kane but I haven't heard for what. WWE was hoping that Undertaker would come back to work Survivor Series but I haven't heard if there has been any movement on that or not.

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  • bgilman45

    That said … paging Kevin Sullivan!!!!

  • Guest

    That said, … paging Kevin Sullivan!!!

  • Fact

    Didn’t Richard just say he didn’t want to see Punk vs Ryback 2, Rock vs Cena 2, and Lesnar vs Triple H 2? But he wants Punk vs Bryan 2?

    • Xavier

      Cena, Rock, Lesnar, Triple H & Ryback aren’t internet darlings, that’s why he doesn’t want to see those match ups.

    • Scott Davies

      The fact that Ryback will win at Battlegrounds (I see them making the ppv losing streak into a storyline) will set Richard off on bad booking. Ryback would have to win. To keep the heel looking strong. The final being that victory to end the feud with Heyman. How many people are wanting CM Punk to win? This is old school booking that Heyman & Punk would be genus’s of.

    • JJ

      Punk vs Bryan could go to 10 and they could still put on a more creative and quality match then most of the wrestlers under contract. Punk vs Db could be equivalent to the technical feud days, like with Angle, that truly made wrestling better.

  • King A sshole

    The Tweets have now started to mention Todd McFarlane, which leads me to believe it has somehting to do with an action figure of the Undertaker, not a return. Some believe it has something to do with a comic book, but that seems unlikely. And it would be really cool to see what McFarlane could do with the Undertaker as a figure.

  • BigMike

    Creative? WTF? I mean the writing team has not been writing anything all they have been doing is rehashing old storylines and watering them down for PG

  • James

    Great Matches for Mania would be:

    Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk (Ladder Match for the WWE Championship)

    Stone Cold vs. John Cena (Battle of the Jean Shorts) Seriously would love to see Steve Austin insult Cena

    Dean Ambrose vs. Undertaker (have a young rising star face Taker)

    Sting vs. Bray Wyatt (would be cool if they could get Sting)

    Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Championship Match) Way more entertaining than Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger match that they had.

    Rob Van Dam vs. Brock Lesnar (Both have history with Heyman)

    Have like a fatal 4-way to determine a number 1 contender at the following pay per view like Wade Barrett vs. Christian vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. (returning) John Morrison

    Intercontinental Championship Match Tyson Kidd vs. Justin Gabriel (both underrated high fliers)

    Maybe Goldberg vs. Triple H (Better than Goldberg vs. Ryback)

    There’s so many matches that they can do !

    • James

      Adding to that Fatal 4 Way Match. The winner receives a World Title Shot for either the WWE or World Championship. Forgot to put that!

    • JJ

      If you didn’t have to be signed in to down you’d have a lot more downs. That’s a horrendous lineup outside of a few matches. Ambrose has no business dealing with Taker, if anything that’d be where the Wyatt family gets involved. Ziggler had his lime light at the top and has taken a step back to mid card status he needs to stay there a minute. RVD vs Brock has been done, wasn’t that great not wrestlemania worthy. Sting if he came only match would be taker nothing else would even do him justice. As for your 4 way would be nice to see Morrison return, but not happening. Cesaro isn’t quite main event talent yet so he shouldn’t be in it. This fatal 4 could be Barret vs Christian vs Curtis Axel (who would have dropped the belt by now) vs Miz/Ziggler/RVD/Sheamus who will be back and ready from injury and will need a fresh storyline.

      • James

        That’s your opinion 😉

        So you’re saying that Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton for the World Championship wouldn’t be better/more entertaining than the Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger match at Wrestlemania 29?

        • JJ

          I’m saying Ziggler out of the title picture, I never wanted Del Rio ever there, and it’s an insult to the fans that he’s even a champion, the only reason he has the title is because he’s Mexican and for that fan base. And yes opinion, but come on did you even really think about your lineup?

  • Michael Bonney

    That said … paging Kevin Sullivan!!!

  • Xavier

    Gonna have to disagree with you Richard, Punk/Bryan wouldn’t be the biggest drawing match at Mania. Cena/Taker would be a much bigger draw at Mania

    • JJ

      What person outside of 13 and younger would want to watch Cena vs Taker, to even tempt that Cena could take the streak is an insult; plus no storyline would make sense.

      • Xavier

        Another Cena hater coming with the same lame argument about how only kids like Cena, I’ve destroyed that lame argument countless of times since I’ve been posting here. So instead of going into another pointless debate I’ll just do this instead, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • JJ

          No need for debate the clear consensus of his fan base is children. And that doesn’t change my argument about him being an insult to the taker legacy and even a tempt at destroying the streak coming back from injury with no storyline, that’s the point..sorry if you have a boner for cena, but I care about the product as a whole and the legacy of the product.

          • Xavier


  • Scott Davies

    I do still stand behind AJ Styles contract is a ruse & that he has agreed to a proper one, but is waiting till after BFG is over. Richard, his resources & the IWC is being Kayfabed & don’t think it can’t happen.

  • Tim

    I’ve seen High school wrestling. With more promise than tna

  • JJ

    I disagree with Richard and think the question was correct on the spot. One of the big hurdles that would immensely boost the wwe product is bringing in some more quality writers then just what they got right now.