Big Return At SummerSlam?, WWE Referee Draws Unnecessary Attention, Cena's Elbow, DVR & Ratings

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Is it possible that Batista returns at SummerSlam because he was mentioned in John Cena's promo on this week's Monday Night Raw?

Anything is possible but Batista isn't returning at SummerSlam. Batista has been filming his role as Drax the Destroyer in the 2014 feature film "Guardians of the Galaxy." Let me be clear - this is a huge movie role for Dave. Prior to landing the part, I always said Batista would be back in WWE. While that could still happen, in his words, landing the role really justified his decision to leave WWE.

Who is the blame for the blown finish in Natalya & The Great Khali vs. AJ Lee & Big E Langston from this week's WWE Raw?

This was a talking point backstage at this week's Monday Night Raw and the talk only grew louder following the social media response of referee Marc Harris. There were three parties involved in the match finish - AJ Lee, Natalya and the referee. AJ didn't tap quickly enough but the referee should have called for the bell to cover. As you can see here on YouTube, the match ending was a disaster. Look, mistakes happen and I don't like to play the blame game. The blown finish was unfortunate but it should have ended there. It didn't. Harris drew more attention by blasting critics on social media and taking the time to continuously defend himself. This is where workers get themselves in trouble. Social media is a great thing at connecting with the fans but it can also be a bad thing if misused. In my opinion Harris took a bad situation and made it worse. He should have let it go in the ring and not taken the time to address it on social media.

What's going with John Cena's elbow?

Have you seen it? Cena's elbow is in bad shape and we're told there are plans to perform surgery on it after SummerSlam. I'm not clear on exactly what the procedure entails and if it will require Cena to take time off but I think everyone needs to be careful about assuming he's dropping the WWE title at SummerSlam. WWE is being cautious with Cena and pulled him from his scheduled match against Alberto Del Rio at last Sunday's WWE live event in Oakland as they didn't want him bumping before the pay-per-view. Many are predicting that Orton "cashes in,” especially with him noticeably absent from the card. We’ll see how WWE handles it on Sunday.

I always DVR Raw, Smackdown, etc so that I can fast forward the parts of the show that I don't want to see. How do the ratings work for instances like these? For example, if a large portion of the viewing audience fast forwards through a certain segment, will that be able to affect ratings to the extent that company officials would notice?

WWE gets the DVR viewership numbers a few days later but from the data I have seen, the majority of viewers in the United States watch Raw during its live airing or within two hours. The viewership/ratings numbers we post are the numbers compiled by Nielsen during the show's first run timeslot. Given the fact that viewers treat Raw as a "destination program" where it's watched in its first run time slot, these are the numbers WWE uses to analyze its performance.

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  • James

    Birmingham Booty Call for everyone!

  • Patrick

    The Ref botched that match he should have ended it once AJ taped the first time. I have no problem blaming him for the end of the match………..also JBL and Cole’s attempt to cover for him and the way they did it was stupid. by saying he didn’t see it. short of being blind as a bat you can’t miss it when your looking right at AJ when she taped out. they made it worse all so.

  • Me

    Nattie released the hold too quickly.

    • LeftyTosser

      That was not Nat’s error. AJ tapped so lightly that I am pretty sure the ref had no idea whether it was a tap or not. AJ continues to disappoint with her actual ring work. Great actress with mic skills, but she needs a LOT of work in the ring.

      • Me

        You always hold the submission until you know the match has been called. Wrestling 101.
        But, Im not saying anyones at fault. Everyone messed up. Nattie shouldve held on longer. AJ shouldve tapped harder. Ref shouldve just called the bell. (Btw, the ref knew the finish of the match, so he knew she was tapping. Just saying.)
        All around bad finish.

        • TheBigKing1

          I totally agree.

      • BigMike

        Nat might have released too quick BUT the ref was clearly out of position when the move was applied and he messed up; rookie mistake

  • BIG M

    The big return is Mysterio for his last hurrah.
    Ive heard WWE wants him to retire because of all the time he has missed due to Injury or personal stuff.
    My guess is he will have a short run with the WHC than retire after next years Mania hopefully making his last run memorable.

  • Tim

    Uh oh someone said a name of a previous employee must mean that are returning.

  • Robert Olley

    Ive got a question richard why did natalya let go at that point? Are talents only supposed to have submissions on for a certain amount of time?

    For natty to release it so quick i can only guess the ref said shed tapped so shouldnt he be fibed ir sonething? All the talent and announcers seemed to think it was his fault.
    Going on facebook was maybe his way to try and cover his ass

    • RobUK

      I’m presuming you mean fired? The fact you think someone should lose there lively hood over a botch finish is ridiculous. If that’s the case 90% of the Rosta would have been let go by now. He got it wrong and made it worse with social media. He should be demoted to NXT or main event for a few months till everyone forgets about it.

  • BigMike

    The ref was out of position when the move was applied; its obvious! he made a rookie mistake then defemds himself with backhanded insults to other people and talking himself up. He messed up which caused everyone else to have to cover his mistake

  • Jay El Bee

    The botch was 100% Natalya’s fault and nobody elses. She released AJ from the Sharpshooter before the tap out even happened, and then she almost did it a second time but AJ managed to tap before Natalya had completely released her from the hold again.

  • Gary Robert

    Not for nothing, but why SHOULD the women’s CHAMPION tap out to any hold IMMEDIATELY? Natayla put the move on and released on her own accord. That, imo , makes her stupid and not very bright. As a wrestler, regardless if its real or fake, one would think that if they applied a move such as The Sharpshooter, you wouldn’t break it until you heard a bell or the ref telling you to. Neither happened and she just released the hold. To me, that was Natayla blowing that ending.

  • Lrgetrout25

    Thanks for the link to the video Richard.

    The ref could not have blown it any worse. He was in position, looking directly at AJ when she tapped. Granted, it was a weak tap, and could have been missed by an untrained eye, but I am sure he knew that was the match finish, either by being told pre-match, or through his earpiece.