Big Show Broke?, Adding Members To The Corporation, Tag Teams, Why Darren Young's Sexuality Shouldn't Be In Storylines

I think the whole Big Show storyline about him being broke is absolutely stupid, what are your thoughts?

I do not like the gap in logic that he went from an ironclad contract to a guy that will do whatever he's asked just to keep his job. WWE relies on their audience to have a short memory so they can use talent how they see fit in current storylines. The problem with this is, Show just missed significant time this summer due to injury and WWE played it off that he was away because he works when he wants to work. It makes no sense and I don't like it. I'll also take this opportunity to dispel any worries people may have about Show's financial stability. Big Show has made a tremendous amount of money throughout his career, has his own tour bus and is not by any means broke.

With the McMahons, Triple H and Randy Orton part of a powerful corporation stable, will there be new members added?

I've pushed back on adding more members to the second coming of the corporation faction. Stables are ]\effective but have a limited shelf life and can become overdone very easily. I always like to point to the NWO when talking about factions. When was the NWO the most effective, as a three-man group of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash or as a faction so big it was split into two separate factions? The question is rhetorical. Adding members can be a good thing in certain situations, as I feel DeGeneration X was more effective in its format that featured the New Age Outlaws and Chyna with Triple H and Shawn Michaels as opposed to the resurrected version that just featured Michaels and Hunter. Stables are tricky but effective if booked correctly.

Name some other tag teams of brothers than than the obvious due of Jeff and Matt Hardy.

Two of my favorite tag teams of all-time are made up of real-life brothers - Harlem Heat and The Steiner Brothers. We're so far away from that level of tag team wrestling with today's product but those were the days. Jimmy and Jey Uso are twin brothers and currently function as a tag team in WWE.

Edgier and more realistic storylines usually translate to entertaining programming. Has there been any talk of using Darren Young's sexuality in storyline?

You are correct in that edgier and more realistic storylines are more entertaining. When the lines of what is scripted and what is real are blurred, storylines are the most successful. However, there are lines that shouldn't be crossed and to incorporate Darren Young's sexuality in his gimmick would mean the antagonist would play the role of a homophobe. I'm 100% against that. The pro wrestling business has destroyed stereotypes in the reaction to Darren Young coming out and the fact WWE had to turn the Prime Time Players babyface speaks volumes about the acceptance of the audience. This is something as a fan that I'm extremely proud of. There's no reason to ruin that with an immature and discriminatory angle to get cheap heat. On the same token, I'm find with characters such as Triple H and Ryback playing the role of a bully so it's really a case-by-case basis. However, stuff like homophobia, racism, etc. should be left alone.

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  • Robby

    @Ken Lee. Twin cousins? Hahahaha. I just fell out of my computer chair.

  • Wuteh

    I wonder, would the antagonist to a Darren Young whose gimmick incorporated his sexuality necessarily need to play the role of a homophobe?

    Could Young not simply acknowledge his sexuality in his current, or a new, gimmick and then have it be an afterthought? To illustrate what I mean by this, lets place him in a hypothetical storyline and assume that his gimmick includes his sexuality.

    Lets imagine that the storyline calls for the antagonist to break into Young’s house and trash the place, or break in looking for him (we haven’t seen that in a while from WWE)
    To generate heat, Young’s boyfriend may be in the house and the antagonist may threaten/intimidate him before leaving. That or Young could arrive and a brawl could ensue.

    In that scenario, wouldn’t the antagonist just be a regular jerk, with no trace of homophobia?

    I don’t think we would see something like this with the current creative direction, but I feel it is an example of how an antagonist could avoid homophobia to play the heel to Young’s face.

    • Guy Landau

      I agree. I think it should have been acknowledged on programming, but not made into a big deal.

      • Nostaljack

        Why acknowledge it at all? It’s a non-issue.

        • Guy Landau

          Because it’s the sort of thing that can motivate people to come out as well. By acknowledge I mean the announcers can mention it casually when talking about Young, just like other tidbits and factoids they often say about wrestlers.

  • K!NG

    Like i said Earlier its a rip off of the HBK/JBL storyline in a sense which was equally stupid

  • Justin Lal

    If WWE was going to turn Darren Young’s sexuality into a storyline they missed their chance. They should have done it the night after Summerslam. Now no one seems to really care or has forgotten about Young coming out. And to be honest the media attention WWE got wasn’t all that great. Coming out is not that historic anymore since many are doing it.

    • I disagree the media attention wasn’t all that great. Young was on the Today show. That’s as big as it gets. I did 13 media interviews personally regarding Young coming out. It was the biggest mainstream news item this business has seen since the Benoit tragedy. I’m not likening the two but a fact is a fact and the media attention was massive.

      • Justin Lal

        I didn’t seem that big to me. On sites such as yahoo, espn, political news sites it got little attention. Even Jason Collins has become yesterday’s news despite the media forcing the issue.

        • Gary Robert

          why WOULD it be on espn or a political news site??? No sh*t you didn’t see it reported there.

    • Kris Mystery

      The fact that no one seems to care speaks volumes to where we are as a society today. No one seems to care and no one should care. I think it would have been a huge mistake to exploit his coming out and WWE has handled it perfectly.

    • BIG M

      WWE didn’t do a gay angle with Young because its in bad taste in this day in age.
      Get with the times mate.

      • smark calloway

        vince doesnt believe in bad taste, believe you me…one of his backstage catchphases was ” eyebrows up ” ( as in, he wants the viewers eyebrows always up and shocked at what they are seeing ).. if he could get away with using youngs sexually in a storyline without their being a media backlash thrust upon him , he would do it in a second, and you know it…i bet he wished someone ” came out ” in the attitude era. it would have been storyline and media attention gold for him

  • Xavier

    People are taking the Big Show stuff way too seriously and over analyzing it to the death, remember this is professional wrestling, everything is kayfabe. This along with anything else on TV has to be watched with suspended disbelief. Remember when bike Taker was buried alive in 03 or in 2010 at Bragging Rights? That should of killed him both times right?) but yet here he is still defending the streak. Or what about the time when Austin dropped Triple H’s car with him still inside of it from 50 feet up? Shouldn’t he be dead as well and written off TV forever? Here’s a better one, how did Kane all of a sudden become the younger brother of Undertaker if he was dentist just a couple years prior to that? My point is that not everything has to add up in wrestling. And no, Vince isn’t trying to insult the fans intelligents with this Big Show angle nor does he think we have short memories. Vince expects wrestling fans to suspend disbelief when watching, I mean this is a staged sport we are talking about.

    I agree with Richard, sometimes adding too many guys to a stable is overkill. As currently constructed I’m fine with this new Corporation as it is currently constructed. You have the masterminds /evil bosses in Vince, Steph & Triple H, the top heel in the company in Orton, and the Shield being the muscle/enforcers of the group which also contains the US champ & the tag team champs. It’s simple but very effective, every member fills an important cog within the group with no un-necessary dead weight there just taking up space.

    • Adam

      I dont think the big show story line is being over analyzed. The same character has an ironclad contract this has been the story for over a year and now his contract doesnt hold up the as u put it kayfabe storyline is what doesnt make sense. And to ur point about taker he has always been a mythical power type character so in the storyline it made sense. Kane came out as a new character under a mask. It wasnt that the dentist was all of a sudden the undertakers brother.

      • Matt

        true!.. Don’t listen to Xavier, he’s an idiot. Nice picture by the way!! “TROLL!!”

        • BIG M

          Matt you are the biggest TROLL on this site your worse than Nostoljack Justin Lal and Franco combined.
          GET A LIFE.

          • Nostaljack

            That you’ve added me to such esteemed company is truly a beautiful thing. I will never forget this undeserved kindness. My life has been given meaning and I now have reason to go on living. Bless you, kind sir.

          • BIG M

            Your very Welcome Nostaljack hope you guys live very happily together in TROLL Land.
            Were intelligent thought is outlawed and hating everything and everyone is mandatory.
            P.S. Excessive sarcasm is the first sign of narcissism another free psych evaluation for you.

          • Matt

            You’re just as stupid as Xavier!! Get laid virgin ..

          • Razmos

            You know it really makes me laugh how you guys call eachother virgins, uou sound like a bunch of 5 year olds in a playground fighting over toys, all of you get a life please

          • Nostaljack

            The rent is high but I love it here…and we all love you too…;)

        • PFA56

          Dude do you even think before you type.

          • BIG M

            Doubtful Matt thinks ever.

          • Xavier

            He doesn’t. Matt has been following me around for months on here throwing insults my way. I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me but if you are going to disagree at least be an adult about it and have an intelligent debate about it instead resorting to 3rd insults that have nothing to do with the topic.

          • BIG M

            All Matt does is come on this site an insult people all day every day.
            Not sure if he’s just a lonely loser or a complete nut job.
            Ive disagreed with you once or twice but I do think I was adult about it wonder what Matt’s problem is.

    • Scott Davies

      Undertaker being Buried alive in 2003 was for a reason that made sense in bringing back the Deadman gimmick. When BigShow first had his “Ironclad” Contract. It was a high paying one. So really Big Show would not be broke. If the contract “expired” then I would see the sense in it.

      • Xavier

        But how do you explain Undertaker coming in as a dead man from Death Valley only only to become a Satan Worshiper with the Ministry then disappear and comeback as an alive biker from Houston in 2000? Does that make sense?

        You get my point though? Most things in wrestling don’t make sense anyway, McMahon knows that wrestling fans know that everything is kayfabe and suspend disbelief in watching. So why not do it here seeing how there are so many other things in wrestling that were way more outrageous then this Big Show contract situation?

        • Scott Davies

          I do get the point. Undertaker became more human in 1999 before his injury, Like with Kane which is why they unmasked him. My way of thinking is WWE at the time thought with internet a change of the times were needed & reality based things started coming out WWE’s & Undertaker’s mindset was. “We need to change with the times” ABA Taker did work & get over, but Dead man Undertaker has an aura about the character. I also think. If Taker did not change would he have overkilled the gimmick? BigShow thing is stupid with no sense what so ever. Undertaker does as it was seen as going with the times. How many times have we all said “Man he is going to retire”, bad hips, bad shoulders & still pull out a 5 star classic at WM? I look at wrestling like a story or a fantasy movie.

  • Winnipeg

    *puff, puff* Big Show had an ironclad contract? When was that ? *cough* ‘rolls another joint’

  • Malboja

    Point .1 with tag teams you forgot the bella twins bret and Owen hart then there are the really old factions like the von Eric’s

    Point two I don’t see Darren young coming out a a big deal although he wasn’t gay I remember RICO using a gay angle and it was fun to watch

    • No, I didn’t forget… I just named a couple of my personal favorites. By no means was I trying to complete a comprehensive list.

      • Tone

        well if there was a list….

        1. LOD
        2. Steiner Bros

        after that it gets complicated

        • Malboja

          LOD were not related

          • Papa Burgundy

            Road Warrior Animal & John Lauranitesare!..

          • Malboja

            Yes but jonny was not in lod and I’m hard fetched to remember them tagging together
            To my memory it was always hawk as he and animal were childhood friends

          • smark calloway

            dont forget rocco. he was their ” childhood friend ” too

  • Brian Buckley

    I am glad you brought up about Darren Young’s Sexually should not be
    brought up at all and you are right about Homophobia should not be
    brought up as well.

    Big Show being Broke is a joke. Big Show
    have the right to say no. last time I check it is free Country. Hunter,
    should not be bully to Big Show. We do not tolerance it this kind of
    Behavior. The writer need to change the storylines. Many of us totally
    disagreed with Hunter about best for Business like we lost Cody Rhodes – WWE Universe
    and will Hunter continue what he did to Cody Rhodes? I am hoping
    Daniel Bryant get his HWC belt back unless, Hunter make the change of
    Rules every time like Vince (Father in Law with Hunter) and Vince Screw
    Bret Harts, Will Daniel Bryant be next as Screw by Hunter? I wonder.

    as for Ryback, he used to be my number #2, but he is no longer my
    number #2 due his Bullies which I do not like. I am very much opposed
    to Bullies that influence the kids (be aware that Kids can copy what
    they do in WWE, so be careful). I do not want any Homophobia, Bully, or
    any other that will impact to many kids even Adults as well. For
    example, when Jerry “King” Lawler had heart attack last years, and Paul
    Heyman act out like Heart Attack was not very Inappropriate. That Heart
    Attack act out should be not be in the storylines for any reason. I know
    WWE do not listen to our Comment, but if we give WWE what they wanted,
    but we dont want any storyline that related to What happen to us or WWE
    superstar for that matter. I think WWE Superstar need to Speak up about
    Preference Sexually, Bullies, Heart Attack is very serious Matter in
    hand of WWE Superstar. We need to speak louder in our voice (hearing
    People) and our hand (Deaf People who use ASL = American Sign Language)
    to tell Writer not to write any related to superstar or outside as well.
    if I was there, if there was caption on Big TV make a statement I dont
    like, I would have jump in and tell them not to bring that up ever
    again. I am not afraid of getting arrest but I handspeak my right to
    tell him, not to bring that up ever again due their Insult to us Deaf,
    Hearing, Disable, and our Injuries like Heart attack. I wish I could
    tell them to WWE but WWE will never Listen because there is too many
    Emails, Letters, and all that. WWE will not listen. WWE wants to make
    Storylines to make good Rating. I do not care about their Rating, What I
    care about what I see in my own Eye if they ever bring something I dont
    like as Insult to our Intelligence.

    I have tried few times and I dont get Response at all due High Volumes Emails, Letters, and others. Trust me…

    • Simze

      You know it’s fake right?

    • Gage


  • Henry Gibson Leake

    actually cody is getting married and that’s the reason behind his storyline being fire on air…. which was a good storyline because after cody finish the wedding n honeymoon… it will be cool to see how they bring him back in… i think they should do a stand your ground angle and have the primetime players, mark henry, kofi kingston, r-truth and david otunga become a face faction… in the midst of the storyline they turn heel with all the titles wwe (henry) world (kofi) tag teams (ptp) us (truth) ic (otunga)… then have wrestling’s version of boxing’s “Great White Hope”

    • Gary Robert

      Good luck with that random desire, lol

  • Adam

    They should have said big show’s iron clad contract expired and now he’s broke because of bad investments and was forced to sign a new contract by Triple H.

    • James Larochelle

      I was thinking along similar lines. My solution would have been to say Big Show was so broke, he needed to renegotiate his contract to be able to keep his head above water. However, in their eyes they’ve explained the ironclad contract away and as far as they’re concerned it must no longer exist because Stephanie was able to threaten Show that he’d be fired if he got involved in the match Monday.

  • _JIM_

    If WWE uses Darren Young’s sexuality in story line they are asking for nothing but trouble. They would have nothing but problems from Gay rights groups and or religious / Anti-Gay groups. Depending on what type of story they tried to sell. Gay Right’s groups would say they are exploiting D.Y.’s sexuality or they would say they were bashing it, and the religious / Anti-Gay groups would throw a fit saying that this topic has no place on what is supposed to ne a kid’s show. It’s just a horrible idea to use it at all, and I think that WWE is smart enough to know that or they would have tried to do someethng with it when he first came out of the closet and the story was still all over the press. Seeing as how they didn’t even mention it, that just leads me to believe that they agree with me that using it as an angle is just a bad idea. They can be proud of D.Y., and support him without having to use this in a storyline.
    The Big Show angle has been a total disastor from the start. Especially because Hunter and Steph have both mentioned Show’s “iron clad” contract. Yet it apparently isn’t so “iron clad” if they can threaten to fire him every other minute. It just doesn’t make sense. Instead of threatening to fire him, and totally botching the “iron clad” contract thing. They should have just had Show have to face The Shield in 3 on 1 matches or The Shield and Orton in 4 on 1 matches anytime he got out of line and didn;t do what they asked of him. They could have written it that because of his “iron clad” contract they are unable to fire him. So when ever he got out of line they should just keep putting him in unwinnable / beat down type matches. They wouldn’t have had to even brought in the whole unbelievable Big Show is broke crap, and it would’ve actually made sense for once.

  • smark calloway

    young coming out as gay was hardly shocking. but the most shocking thing about young darren is he is a black guy who feels the need to use tanner on himself!!..his good friend titus even said he thinks this is weird too…to quote one of the great modern philosophers of our time – gregory ” hurricane ” helms ..” whats up with that ? “

    • smark calloway

      to those who have thumbed me down. what i am saying is true ! darren does put fake tan onto himself. i read it in an interview with titus o neale .when asked what annoys him most about his tag partner he said something along the lines of ” what annoys me most about darren is he always has to put fake tan on himself before he leaves . i mean what african american does that ?”

  • Austin

    You say WWE had to turn PTP face because the fans forced them to lol.

  • Scott Davies

    Here is how I see it Daniel Bryan will be the top face of WWE like he is now & the top Heel with Randy Orton. Eventually Daniel Bryan will become WWE Champion when Cena returns as the “face” of WWE. Daniel Bryan is going to turn heel & join the corporation. As Bryan wants to be face of the WWE. All leading to a showdown at Wrestlemania. A SummerSlam rematch, but red hot with a clear Good Guy v Bad Guy. Cause lets face it. There is no way WWE is going to have Cena out of the WWE Title picture when he returns. That to me would be more logical way if WWE don’t turn Cena heel.

  • Tim

    It also doesn’t make sense that show is broke yet has money for travel. After he made millions. But someone like zack Ryde. Who never shows up on tv and gets around no problem