Big Show Discusses His Customized Tour Bus, Acting, How Much Longer He Plans On Wrestling

Shares 0 has a new Q&A online with Big Show to promote Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view in Phoenix. Below is an excerpt:

Question: Does being such a big guy make traveling difficult?

Answer: I'm fortunate enough to have my own tour bus. I don't have to rent cars and stay in hotels. I travel on a bus that has a shower that fits and a bed that fits. It's a home away from home and gives me a little bit of privacy and a place to mellow out before the show. It's not like I can go in a Prius.

Q: You've done some acting. Is that something you'll keep pursuing?

A: I don't know. I enjoy it. It's a skill set I need to improve to be good at, but I know I'm not "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson). I'm not blessed with extremely good looks and charms. I fit a particular niche, but we'll see what comes down the road. Right now, I'm still doing what I love.

Q: You turned 40 this year, and this career can't be easy to age in.

A: I've had an 18-year career, and physically and mentally, I feel fantastic. I have too much fun doing what I'm doing to stop. Barring injuries, I plan on doing this a while longer. Obviously, the sun sets on every athlete at some point, but I don't think that time is near.

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  • gpturbo81

    luckily for the big show, thanks to his size, he hasn't had to take nearly as many bumps as say jeff hardy or mick foley

  • Mike L

    I just had a mental image of Big Show trying to get OUT of a Prius, remember Nutty Professor?

  • BigMike

    I always Liked show, When he first started and was one hopping the Top Rope to enter when he weas billed as over 7 ft tall and 425 Pounds then he blooned up if the billing was right to over 550 in WCW around the time of his divorce then he dropped some came to WWE put alot back then then took a year off and came back at 441 where he looked really good to now where IDK he is a big as he was in WCW at the end there but he has put on a good 40-50 pounds but he has become a good dependable worker