Big Show Discusses His Rumored Match With Shaq, Where He Wants To Be On The WrestleMania Card, More

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The Miami Herald has a new interview up with Big Show, in which he discusses his rumored WrestleMania match against Shaquille O'Neal, his feelings about being put in so many WrestleMania matches against non-wrestlers, and more. He addressed speculation about a future match with Shaq in the excerpt below:

“I know there are a lot of rumors this year that I might get a chance to compete against Shaq at WrestleMania [28 in Miami]. I didn’t hear anything about it on my end. I don’t know if Shaq was getting froggy, stirring up some stuff, but if he ever wants to take his Nike butt away from the announcers’ desk and try to step in the ring, he’s more than welcome to try. I teach as well as I compete. So he can come on down and get a lesson. [...]

I think if Shaq and I ever do compete, we should have a wrestling competition and then also a free throw contest. He won’t win the free throw contest. We’ll see about the wrestling match.”

When asked whether he'd rather be in a world title match or a big match against an athlete from another sport, Big Show responded:

"Just being involved in WrestleMania is a huge honor. There’s only like 10 spots on the entire card available for matches, With the multitude of talent that we have, being in position to you have a match at WrestleMania is a huge honor. Of course from an egocentric basis, yea, I like being the man and competing for a world title or wrestling somebody like Mayweather or Akebono or Shaq. It’s all gratifying. Being a part of WrestleMania, being on the card itself and competing is amazing. I’ve been in 11 WrestleManias. That’s an outstanding part of my career, and I’m pretty proud of that."

Click here to read the full interview.

  • wwe fan 250611

    Well it’s Cody R vs u anyway

    • Wwe4L76

      Good match


    I hope Big Show does first,the first important one is to face Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinential Championship at WrestleMania28,and then later that night he could face Shaq,for wrestler VS athlete match,that my friend is a great WrestleMania card match,it would be even a lot more better if Sheamus would beat Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship,Sheamus does indeed deserve that tittle.

  • Yes so do i