Big Show Discusses Randy Savage & Mark Henry, Future Stars, How Long He Wants To Keep Wrestling

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Big Show recently took part in an interview with Peter Rosenberg, and discussed a number of topics, including Randy Savage, Mark Henry, why he enjoys putting people over, his infamous funeral angle with Big Boss Man, and more. In addition, he says that a lot of people want Dolph Ziggler to use the Superkick as a main finisher and mentions that he still expects to be wrestling years from now. The full interview is embedded below:

  • Isaac

    Sometimes I feel people think the best workers are the ones who have the flashiest moves but as Show points out, thats not always the case. The ability to tell a story and to have a character that a fan can emotionally invest in are underrated skills

    • izblack

      So basically you just named John Cena.

  • Michael

    I'm assuming HBK's Superkick, if I was Dolph I'd be shocked by that, that would be great for Dolph, I mean that is like someone saying you can use Undertakers Tombstone, they must have some respect for Dolph for that. Thats the way I see it anyway.

    • Matt

      I hate to be that guy but there is no copyright on wrestling moves. If there were we would not have wrestling now. Should Sheamus give thanks and credit for stealing white noise.(kryptonite krunch was its original name i believe.) I do agree that Dolph deserves to be given a chance at the main event and maybe even use the superkick if he feels it would benefit his character. Afterall Michael ripped off Savage by using the elbow.

      • Andrew Ace

        As a signature though

      • There is no copyright on wrestling moves. However, there is this thing in the wrestling business called RESPECT.

        • Matt

          NEWS flash to most of the guys and gals in the wrestling business using a move is a sign of respect.(unless its in the storyline to use a guys finisher on him as a sign of disrespect)

        • William Shatner

          Respect means different things to different people though.

  • paulw3000

    Great interview 🙂

  • H.M.

    It is true IMO that Dolph can land a sick superkick.

    • craig

      He beat Randy Orton clean at Survivor Series this year with a superkick.

  • Dave Barton

    omg…a Tommy Rich reference! Big Show really is an old school fan!

  • Adamtrace

    Great interview, easily one of my favourites is the big show !

  • CodiahTheGreat1991

    Big Show is awesome. I got a chance to meet him. Loved the interview

  • Bishop

    I will always remember meeting Big Show in Hawaii….what a gentleman and a great human being. He was a heel at that time, but man outside of that ring, he is all about the fans.

    I like his optimism for the future of the company. Guys like Ziggler, Kofi, Wade, the Shield, and even Bo Rotunda/Dallas.

    Ziggler as a face, that is pretty interesting. Ziggler with the super kick as well, maybe we are looking at the next great in the company.

  • Bill

    that was a GREAT interview. Show is such a genuine guy, total professional – just really a pleasure to see him getting what he deserves. Nice job!