Big Show Impressed With Sheamus; Wants A Dream Match Against The Undertaker

Shares 0 has a new Q&A online with World Heavyweight Champion Big Show to promote Tuesday's release of WWE '13. Below is an excerpt:

You’re currently locked in a feud with Sheamus. Have you been impressed by the big man’s skills in the ring?

I’m really impressed with Sheamus. The thing about Sheamus is he’s very, very physical. He’s a brawler. He’s strong, he’s hungry, and if he’s smart, he’ll learn to avoid my right fist. [laughs]

You’ve been around the ring a long time. Is there anyone left who qualifies as a dream match for you?

I’d like to have one more match with The Undertaker. He was very influential in my career and always one of my favorites, so I’d like to have one more run with him. I’d like to have another match with Stone Cold. I’m a big fan of Stone Cold, both as a person and as a talent, so I’d like another run with Steve. I wouldn’t mind getting another shot at The Rock, either. Any of those three guys in a high-profile, main-event match would be pretty exciting, and a pretty good payday, too.

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  • Joey

    Thr thing that I've always liked about Show is his willingness to put talent over and make them look good. i think of 2006 when he wanted to put Punk over at December to Dismember (which didn't go as planned). But still, it seems to me that he is always thinking ahead and of the future of wrestling more than himself and his ego. That goes a long way in my book.

    • 123_789

      I wish Punk was was willing too put over talent as well.

      • mathew30

        you have to be kidding us

  • livhay

    The Big Show is quite possibly the most under-rated wrestler in the WWE – He is the man !!!

    • Michael

      He seems to be in the same category as Kane, they deserve so much more.

      • livhay

        Agreed 🙂

  • tna

    i like big show but has anyone noticed when he gets punched in face he always put his hand up..its really annoying me

  • Jman72485

    Big Show is awesome and deserved the win at HIAC. Hope he has a decent title run…