Big Show Interview, Edge Working On New Autobiography?, 15 Superstars You Didn't Know Worked For WCW

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- The New York Post has a new video Q&A online with Big Show promoting WWE TLC, the company in general and Wrestlemania 29. You can watch it embedded below:


- Edge implied on Twitter he's working on a new autobiography. When I interviewed Edge last year, one of the things he stated about his first autobiography is that it was done too early in his career.

- WWE has a piece over on dot com looking at "15 Superstars You Didn't Know Competed in WCW." The names are as follows: Sabu, Edge, The Iron Sheik, Triple H, Ryhno, Marty Jannetty, Rob Van Dam, Rikishi, Mikey Whipwreck, Luna Vachon, Barry Horowitz, Zeus, Jimmy Snuka and Mil Mascaras. You can read the article at this link.

  • dave c

    lol, everybody that they listed i already knew worked for wcw

  • Dave Barton

    Proud to say I was aware of all but 2…Luna & Rhino.

  • PFElton

    I love how WWE thinks we all had a memory wipe in 2007.

  • Matt

    who didn't know that? lol. WWE really plays their fans for idiots sometimes

    • H.M.

      I assure you that the majority didn't. Ask a common long term fan. Lord lol.

  • Razmos

    Wiki tells us everything!!!

  • Scott

    Funny the don't put Undertaker & Kane

    • Jeffrey Turner

      Truth be told almost everyone who got over during the war or was already over during the war worked for both at various times. My personal favorite is Paul Demott…. Wwe acts as if he’s never done anything but teach the sport. He was a powerhouse in ring at wcw.

  • William Shatner

    Anyone following the sport for any length of time knows that all those guys worked for WCW.

  • PhilT81

    It really annoys me how Vince/WWE thinks its fans are stupid and have no memory and that history can easily be rewritten. Vince basically tries to appeal to the casual fan as his philosophy is that more knowledgable fans will watch/buy regardless so there is no need to try to please or appeal to them.

    • Patrick Peralta

      I agree Vince thinks wrestling fans are stupid and don't remember a thing… everyone on their list I all ready knew had been in WCW at one point in their career. any long time fan knows that who knows history of wrestling.

    • izblack

      Then why do you watch then if you feel that Vince’s product doesn’t please you?

  • The Nightmare

    Edge worked for WCW?? When? Must have been in the “C” show “WCW Saturday Night”. I remember Chuck Palumbo being the “top” star on it for a while when they were using it to bring in new workers. He and Whipwreck were the only two I didn’t know worked there from the list.

    • Ian Myers

      Sexton Hardcastle? Is that what Edge’s WCW name was?

      • William Shatner

        Copeland also wrestled briefly as Damon Striker against Kevin Sullivan and Meng on separate episodes of WCW Pro.

  • Patrick Peralta

    WWE has to be kidding? everyone on the list I all ready knew worked in WCW. just love how WWE thinks fans are stupid.

    • H.M.

      No, they're serious. You knew? Good for you, you deserve a cookie. I wonder how many wrestling fans en masse – even the long term ones – knew all of this. You're in the minority bud. WWE isn't insulting anyone's memory or intelligence by putting these articles up. They're just meant to be little tidbits of info for those unaware.

  • Mike B

    You IWC nerds, did you forget WWE also writes articles for the millions who may not have an extensive wrestlenerd background? I bet the majority of the people that read the wwe website articles don’t know half those names to begin with. They’re actually doing a pretty good job with the mini history lessons between these and the Saturday morning show

  • H.M.

    I'm literally LOL'ing at all of the IWC nerds who are offended that WWE would make an article telling the masses what they deem as interesting facts. And to be quite frank, having watched wrestling since 98 as a wee child I'll say that I for one AM surprised and DIDN'T know nor was I compelled to go on Wiki to search/find out that HHH, RVD, Rikishi, Sabu AND Jimmy Snuka once worked for WCW.

    Seriously, if you're offended by this you need to wake up and understand that the wrestling industry and the way it works doesn't revolve around you and what you know. I can bet you anything that the majority of the audience – even the long term fans, might not have known a good portion of those names had worked for WCW at some point.

  • Matt

    There are so many,many more names that could be added to that list especially if you go back to the days when WCW was still NWA, and WWE was WWWF.

  • Andrew

    I knew all of those names, the great thing about technology, is thye internet lol

  • Tim

    Wasn’t aware of maybe 3 or 4 but come on guys you know if it weren’t for YOUTUBE you’d have no idea Edge was in WCW so don’t act all high and mighty like you watched every single WCW show back in the day. Surprised Kane wasn’t listed too as he got his start in WCW jobbing for Sting back in the day. Most obvious “no sh*t Sherlock” on the list would have to be Jimmy Snuka. He was US champ back in the NWA era and one of their quickest rising stars.

  • Jeffrey Turner

    The only one I didn’t recall working there was rikishi until I looked it over.

  • Jeffrey Turner

    I’m no IWC nerd but I’m a long term pro fan for aboit forty years. Vince has a long term history of thinking he can hide/bury/rewrite the facts. That’s plain idiotic. You want examples? The biggest one is probly the most controversial.

    Chris Benoit: Apparently never even existed. One of the more obscure? Paul Demott has apparently never been a wrestler, just a trainer. How about one of the more in your face ones? Hall and Nash left wwf for wcw launching the nWo bu

    • Jeffrey Turner

      But…:Diesel and Razor Ramone continued on in story line on wwf. Lol. Noooo Vince doesn’t think iwc nerds are the only ones who would know this stuff and the wwe doesn’t have a history of trwating average fans like idiots at all. I just gave obscure, kind of obvious and in your face examples. The list of these is enormous. Wcw had a few of these. Most were in the reinvention of characters and personas. Or they were acidents that occured in rings that couldn’t be ignored so rewrites were done on the spot that lacked in creativity because of short time to react.

    • H.M.

      Benoit has been erased due to the way he died. To be affiliated with him would be extremely controversial. Can you imagine the bad press they would receive?