Big Show To Replace Ryback In Wrestlemania 29 Match?

As I wondered in my latest "Desk Cam" video, it looks like Ryback may face Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 29 after all. WWE currently features this image on dot com that shows Big Show replacing Ryback to team with Randy Orton and Sheamus to face The Shield at next month's pay-per-view spectacular.

We've included the image above just in case dot com pulls it.

How do you feel about Ryback vs. Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 29? Sound off in the comment area below.

  • PainOfDemise

    Honestly I’m way more for Ryback vs. Henry than for him to go agains’t the Shield agian because he doesn’t need to lose again at another PPV, as I believe The Shield will go over again at Wrestlemania, no matter who they’re against.
    Ryback is getting over with losing all the time at big events, but he really could use a win at Wrestlemania, and no better way for him to get it than giving Mark Henry a Shellshock FTW! It will be epic seeing him march around the ring with Henry on his shoulders.
    If this is the way it happens, I’m all for this.

    • Brian Buckley

      I am with you Pain of Demise…all the way. I am rooting for win WM29.

  • Ricky

    It all depends on how long Mark Henry plans on sticking around after Mania. Henry hasn’t been careful since his return and Ryback isn’t known for being careful in the ring. Worst case is it’s a botch fest with Henry’s ego getting in the way of doing a job.
    I hope for it to be a good match with Ryback going over. I also can’t fight this feeling that it could be another Lesnar vs Goldberg bust like at WM20.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Someones gonna get Legit hurt. Theyre gonna both go out there and try to show off how strong they are in their little reckless ways, and someones gonna get banged up bad.
    And I would be shocked to see a shellshock on Henry when Ryback had so much trouble with Sweet T(sandbag or not.)

  • Richard is my bitch

    Ryback nor the shield belong in wrestle manis period. They haven’t earned shit. Once again wwe passing up real talent for nobody’s like those guys. We have seen Goldberg and the nwo already. Thank god for dvrs to fast forward when those jokes come on

    • Matt

      How do you earn “shit”? Did Rollins and Ambrose working the indies for years not earn them “shit”? You are clearly a WWE mark with no idea about the rest of the worlds wrestling. Enjoy WrestleManis. Sounds like a great show.

    • Fan

      I concur with your point in the first sentence, because I’d rather see The Shield at Wrestlemania, as opposed to manis.

  • John

    A lot of the WrestleMania undercard sucks.. Brodie Clay, Tensai, Naomi, Cameron vs. Rhodes Scholars, Bella Twins.. Hell No vs. Ziggler, Langston.. Jericho vs. Fandango.. However Ryback vs. Henry is a match i actually want to see.

    • Matt

      Where the Hell have you got those matches from!? Just because your ass says them, don’t mean you gotta translate it.

      • John

        Dude please come back and apologise when the WWE announce these matches! They have already been setting up two of them incase you haven’t been watching and Fandango will debut at WM against Jericho with his background on DWTS being the focus.

        • Brian Buckley

          Fandango is not going to WM 29. Where u get that information. There is no mention about Fandango vs Jerico at all.

          • John

            If that is the case then what has he been doing on our screens for the past 3 weeks? He will definitely be debuting at WrestleMania.. Jericho has no obvious direction heading into WM despite the fact that he will definitely be on the card… Just my opinion but 100% they will meet at Mania.

          • Brian Buckley

            That is not going to happen. He hast done for past 3 week but wanting some to pronoun correction his name. If anyone cannot pronoun his name, he will not make match unless pronoun correct shall get make match. But he hasn’t had match since then.

          • Just saying


          • John

            I presume you are watching RAW right now?

            Apologies will be accepted 🙂

          • wtf are you saying?

  • Jeremy

    Its probably been said already, but I keep having flash backs to Ryback trying to pick Heyman up and failing, and then there was the incident with Tensai. I can’t see Ryback getting Henry up on his shoulders.

    • opie

      You remember Wade Barrett hitting Wasteland on Mark Henry a couple years ago? Granted, he was injured doing it, but it was awfully impressive. Maybe it’s just me, but Ryback doesn’t really seem as strong as Barrett, Sheamus, or Cena.

    • Brian Buckley

      Remmy, WM III Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. HH lift him 500 lbs with body slam. Ryback will do Silverback(Mark Henry) lift in history.

  • Spatch

    There going with the ‘iresistable force’ meets the ‘imoveable object. Ala british bulldog v worlord wrestlemania match

  • Patrick

    I have to agree after losing all his Main event PPV’s Ryback really needs a win…but who knows what will happen. he was doing fine untill they replaced Cena with him to face Punk.

  • I want Randy Orton 2 turn heel in Wrestlemania and attack John Cena after his match with The Rock(Definite win 4 JC)….Then the glorious rivalry will begin! Hw is that 4 an imagination..