Big Show Turning Heel?, Batista's Comments & Cryptic Videos, Skip Sheffield's Return, Cena Made About T-Shirts?

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Is Big Show ready for a heel turn?

Big Show's backstage interview on last night's Raw Supershow resulted in several readers asking me if I thought he would be turning heel. While I haven't heard, I expect more to come out of Big Show losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Daniel Bryan "cashing in." One of my biggest fears would be Show going over Bryan at tonight's Smackdown taping for the title, exercising his right to a rematch; however, we'll see what happens.

Could Batista be behind the cryptic videos given his recent comments on Twitter?

I expect Batista to return to WWE at some point to formally retire from the ring but I have not heard his name associated with the cryptic videos. Batista doesn't care to speak his mind about the current WWE product; however, I disagree with him on Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Things have changed in WWE - the larger-than-life look that used to be the most important factor in defining a worker's career, is no longer so. In a day of Wellness testing and a much lower tolerance for performance enhancing drugs, workers have been able to get over based on other factors. I am high up on the change and think it is refreshing to see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder all holding titles.

Could it be a possibility that WWE is using Skip Sheffield's Tweets as a decoy since there is so much talk the cryptic videos have to do with Chris Jericho?

WWE does cryptic videos to get people talking. The fact the latest series has been widely speculated, dissected and debated proves their strategy works. I've said on several occasions WWE could launch the videos with one plan and change it as time progresses. I'm not ruling anything out but the names I have heard on a consistent basis are Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. However, as of last week, Jericho had not re-signed with WWE.

Is John Cena legitimately upset WWE is selling "Cena Sucks" shirts or is he working everyone on Twitter?

Considering that John Cena will make money off every shirt bearing the Cena name, he's probably just working. Remember workers receive bonuses on merchandise where their name and likeliness is used.

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  • Ruck

    First off Richard, I respect your journalism skills and appreciate every

    Bit of news that you put on this site. However for you to sit there and tell us that “-as of last week, Chris Jericho has not signed a deal with the WWE” is just silly assumption. Remember we’re dealing with Chris Jericho here! For all you know, Vince could very well send anyone at any time to meet Jericho at a undisclosed location and sign the papers. Just because Jericho has not been spotted at WWE headquarters means absolutely nothing. Jericho is a flashy guy and loves to make a big entrance! So yeah let’s just keep this in mind. Maybe Jericho agreed to come back if his return would be kept an absolutely secret. I’m still expecting him to return on the 2nd!

    • BollyMexCPhT

      Your crazy bro.

    • Whammaster

      Duh, we all ASSUME it will be him, but Richard reports FACTS, and FACT is that his contract was either not signed, going though the process of being signed, or has been hidden from public and corporate eye with an agreement that he will sign, and appear on the same night. Your OPINION is on SPECULATION, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Ruck

        Okay then we’ll just wait and see! 🙂

      • search4theyeti

        Fact is Jericho has fooled yall before and will again!

        • XKonn247

          When? We all knew full well who Save Us was. And the Y2J countdown.

      • joe

        he said that…..

    • pow

      Everyone knows its DOINK THE CLOWN coming back.

  • Nick

    I'd just like to point out that last night on Raw Micheal Cole called Zack Ryder because he watched wrestling growing up.

  • David

    Got to love the fact that every male champion in the WWE, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, are all under 220 lbs.

    • JakShowtime

      I'm pretty sure the Divas champ is under that too, broski. Just say all champs.

    • vivalajady

      that proves anyone can be a star to wwe developers…..

      i do agree with ruck we are talking about chris jericho

  • The Breaker

    I don't expect to see Daniel Bryan drop the title on SmackDown. Yeah, WWE thinks the fans are stupid but they wouldn't repeat the same circumstances we saw with Christian's heel turn six months ago.

  • Mike D

    I like the fact that the “smaller” wrestlers in the company are all champions.

  • Ilyas

    I don't want Big Show to turn heel,because he's one of my favorite WWE wrestlers of all time.I'll be sad if he does turn to heel!

    • Alex

      I wouldn't be surprised as Big Show, Kane, and Vince McMahon switch between heel and face repeatedly during the years.

    • XKonn247

      He’s benn heel for half, if not the majority, of his career!! Mark.

  • stoney

    It's great to see the smaller wrestlers with titles, most of the big men that get pushes usually fail miserably ie Koslov, McIntyre, Khali, Reks and soon enough Mason Ryan.

  • Monty

    Smackdown could really use a heel character, I mean wade isn’t there yet mark Henry is injured and where the heck is christan? Vince screwed up christan’s character Vince made him look like a looser who whines about everything. I believe that DB will receive a long title run but he does need to improve his people skills because he needs more time on MIC and camera in general.


    • XKonn247

      Christian is A) injured and B) probably the best mic worker on smackdown.

  • matt

    Punk, Bryan and Ryder are all champions, the IWC must be having a good week

    • Cristina

      But let's place some wagers. How long before the IWC turns on these three accusing them of being over-pushed, over-exposed, and unwilling to pass the torch? I give it 6months max. I remember when people actually WANTED John Cena to succeed. Now that he has they want him to go drop dead. I think it's terrible personally, but that's the way people are. If there's one thing I've learned about the IWC is that they find something to hate about everything, and when they get what they want they decide they hate it. It never fails watch and see.

  • aGirl

    Batista won't return to WWE cause no one's good enough for him to work with lol No wonder they didn't like him backstage. You left, get over it already and get on with your mma career. Time flies and you're not getting any younger.
    I agree that it's a nice change to see Ryder, Punk and Bryan as champions. They are more real than 'all muscle' Cena or 'greek god' Orton (that coming from Orton's fan). We can only hope it will last long

    • Alex

      Batista is overrated. Why would I want to see him back? Just to get a title shot every month and lose? To see him put in a cage match and hear Cole flip out about how his opponent won't survive cause he's locked up with an animal, and Batista loses again? Or the biggest reason, and you all see this coming; cause he's going to keep getting injured as he tears muscles and ligaments due to all the steroids? Pick your poison if you want him back.

  • Dave C

    I'm actually happy with the championship situation, you have two indy wrestling founding fathers as world champions on thier respected brands, you have zach ryder as united states champion, someone whi i thought was a talented wrestler and great mic man since i first saw in with curt hawkins, your intercontinetal champion, cody rhodes, what can i say about rhodes that hasnt been said, future world champion, future HOF'er endless talent, great talker and is legacy (meaning that his father was the all time great american dream dusty rhodes). It is very satisfying to know that the champions now dont have that roided out
    He-Man look

  • EvilKevyn

    Because my opinion is most important, I believe that Alex Riley, Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne should form a stable. They could be called something like , The Revenge of the Nerds. Bourne loser could turn on his partner and hold the titles with Riley or something. Then they could get Spike Dudley to manage them. YEAH!!!

    • Matt Scott

      Tell me thats sarcasm?

  • Sebastian

    Poor John Cena.. he's not even featured on the latest PPV card & now the WWE are selling "Cena Sucks" T-Shirts? Ouch, ain't the constant booing & jeering from the crowd in attendance bad enough? Least he's still getting a pay cheque, good on him, he's easily the best worker in the WWE for a long time, no offense to the likes of CM Punk & Undertaker of course.

    • joe

      the reason they sell these shirts and keep cena is off the card is to 1. build up the WM match and 2. to make sure he doesnt pick up an injury before wrestlemania, i really dont think he's gonna be on another ppv until wrestlemania

    • XKonn247

      Ooo another mark! You guys are making this too easy!! Cena undersells moves when he doesn’t want someone else to go over, puts on the same crap night in night out, has a full character and gets a cut from the “Cena Sucks” shirts. #WarOnMarks

  • vmagic

    Let's see how many Cena haters buy Cena Sucks shirts thus supporting him anyway, morons. Oh, btw, just because nobody told you Jericho hasn't re-signed, doesn't mean it hasn't happened. You may think you know everything but you certainly don't and i'm sure Vince would keep it close to himself if he did re-sign Jericho. Btw, the latest video did feature maple leafs (just like the one on our flag) and it did mention something similar to a savior, don't recall what it was now, so it seems like it is for Jericho. It also seemed a bit different than previous videos in some way, maybe less dark or something.

  • Joe

    It’s ok for cena come feb to April it’s gonna be all about him and rock feud

  • spfldwhale

    Well, if Show does turn heel, that could reunite him and Kane. Though I'd expect Kane to be a lone gunman for a while. It might take away from his new/old image to have a partner.

  • it goes down like this show turns heel and takes the world title and smackdown has a new monster heel as for henry im not shore at this point bryan will loose his rematches and the great white sheamus will be the one to stop big show at wrestlemainia and bryan well if it isn’t a triple or fatel four way he can go after the ic title codyrhodes is gonna loose the title at wrestlemainia anyways why not to bryan o yeah the only true way this kane push is gonna work out is if he wins the wwe championship from cm punk and gets a long title run this time.

  • Rosey

    I think, u got something there, I would like to see sheamus be champ, and the miz aswell, I think cena needs a break, he should loose to the rock and go heel, it will be like a hulk hogan( which no one can even come close too) all over again