Big Vito & Kizarny Respond To WWE Calling Them Turkeys; Point To Anti-Bullying Policy

Vito Lograsso (a/k/a Big Vito) and Sinn Bodhi (a/k/a Kizarny) have taken to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to respond to WWE calling them turkeys and hurling insults at them in a website feature ran over the weekend. Below are their responses:

Vito Lograsso: A lot of people are upset with the WWE today. They spoke of me in a negative way which put the fans in shock. How would they post something like this on a holiday?! I have a family and the kids are all upset. I thought they had an anti-bullying policy. To all @WWE Universe, @WWE , @WWEmagazine and @Joey Styles know TALENT#UpVitosDress!!! The DRESS is so on with a ROYAL RUMBLE appearance in order. I will show all what’s up. LETS GET IT DONE!

Sinn Bodhi: So much for WWE's Anti-Bullying campaign. I'm truly humbled by all the positive responses to this silly crap from

Bodhi also elaborated with the following video:

  • matt

    but they ARE turkeys…

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    They felt insulted by a fluff piece? Some readers actually interpreted those fluff pieces as insults towards those two guy?

  • Billy

    Chapel doesnt matter if its a 'fluff' piece, wwe is being highly hypocritical with their anti bullying campaign. They need to just drop it and become more honest with what they really are- and sseeing how they trreat JR and how Cole acts, they do not practice what they preace.

  • wagdaddy

    They were not turkeys….just LOSERS, especially Kiznary…his wrestling, gimmick and overall personality was simply godawful.

  • Wolo

    why they complaining? They are getting their 15 mins again! be happy someone is acknowledging you!!

  • Bobby

    People need to learn how to take a joke…

  • __Franke__

    It's a tight debate, one that falls into two distinct groups of thought.

    On the one side the article is in all technicality not referring to the men, rather to fictional characters portrayed by the men during their time employed by wwe. On the other side of the debate there has to be consideration made to the fact that the characters are to an extent just an extension of the guys real personalities and also that their tenure in wwe was likely the high points of their lives.

    All said and done it is bullying and it was done at possibly the most inappropriate time of year too.

    • xjcms

      no it's not it's there character they didn't name them by name.

  • Daniel

    Totally agreeing with Franke on this. Sinn Bodhi/Kizarny honestly had a great idea for his character, however VKM wouldn’t allow him to be the circus freak that he wanted to be due to the PG-13 ruling. Check out some of Sinn Bodhi’s stuff on Youtube and it would be clear what direction he wanted to go with his character compared to what WWE wanted to do with it.

    As for a Turkey… It is bullying and it doesn’t matter if their poking at the character and not the person. A person portrayed that character. Sinn Bodhi would’ve been able to give that “Edge” back to the WWE as an awesome heel. However, VKM dropped the ball on that one.

  • Dave Barton

    Regardless of whether its bullying or not, my big beef with the Turkey article is that WWE is talking about how horrible the gimmicks were…but WWE gave them those gimmicks. WWE is acting very hypocritical, VKM should’ve been the #1 Turkey for giving them all those awful gimmicks.