Bill Goldberg Says He Played In Charity Golf Tournament With Junior Seau Yesterday

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Bill Goldberg wrote on Twitter that he played in a charity golf tournament yesterday with former NFL linebacker Junior Seau who was found dead today. The following is from Goldberg's official Twitter:

For more on the death of Junior Seau, head on over to

  • nails

    C'mon Bill, can't you give any insight to how Junior was feeling yesterday – did he seem upset or anything?

  • havoc525

    Still doesn’t seem real, this is a sign of what concussions can do though. He shot the chest, keeping the brain in tact, hopefully it can be tested. This might finally make some NFL players open their eyes on how they play.

  • Matt

    At least he got to cherish some of Seau's final hours. Truly a tragic day for such a great talent lost. Some things just can't be fixed.

  • Tony P.

    What is it to you how he felt?

  • Tony P.

    What is it to you how he felt

  • Bogusstang

    What was bill doing at a CELEBRITY golf tournament?