Bill Goldberg Says People Chanting His Name Is A Huge Honor & Not A Knock On Ryback

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Bill Goldberg was on "4th & Pain" with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on Thursday and discussed recent comparisons of him to Ryback. Below is a paraphrased excerpt of what he said:

I am very flattered throughout his [Ryback's] rise that people have been chanting my name. I don't think it's a knock on him whatsoever… I take no offense to be compared to a guy who is going up against for the US title or whatever it is. He's going to hopefully be a major superstar for these guys  [WWE] and it's kind of flattering. I didn't make it that long in the NFL but I made it there… At the end of the day for people to still be chanting my name, six years, seven years, eight years removed from the business - that's a huge honor. Any comparison on a positive note is a huge honor for me.

Click here to listen to the show in its entirety.

  • Nick

    Hahaha. The absolute best part of that is "I take no offense to be compared to a guy who is going up against for the US title or whatever it is."

  • Its funny how the only person that thinks the Goldberg chants aren’t a “knock” on Ryback is Goldberg himself.

    • Hicks

      It’s not funny because he’s not the only person.

      • Oh, so the Goldberg chants are a compliment to Ryback?? Well i guess Ryback was over with the crowd since day one, right??

    • bruno

      Its not funny

      • Risendevil

        To quote Daniel Bryan “Yes!” It is. Lol. Anyone with common sense who did it was mocking him. He’s good but from his mainstream debut it’s obvious they are only trying to recreate that magical wcw character that was the biggest thing to come out of the 90’s scene besides the nWo.

  • Anand

    This guy was absolutely amazing in the ring. The Jack Hammer suplexes he executed on some of the biggest guys in the business was freakish. Has anyone seen his match with Big Show back when his ring name was "Giant" in WCW? i cant remember anyone (not sure if Brock Lesnar did it when they both were in WWE) who actually suplexed big show by themselves…

    Wish he could've put in a few more years with the WWE at least for the fans who adored him..

    • Moose666

      If I recall correctly, Paul Wight was heavier back then too.

    • Paul

      There was a lot more of big show by the time lesnar came along, but yeah that was amazing when he jackhammered the giant.

  • Joey

    I'm sorry, I'm just not a Goldberg fan.

  • Kevin

    I say Goldberg come back at this ppv n ATL his hometown and beat ryback butt

  • john

    goldberg the greatest wrestler ever bar none

  • john

    as bret heart says goldberg best there is or ever will be