Billy Gunn Speaks On How Far He Would Have Taken The "Billy & Chuck" Gimmick To Get It Over

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- Arda Ocal sent in the following:

In an #AftermathRadio retro interview video interview clip, Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) speak with Billy Gunn (@RealBillyGunn) about how far he would have taken the "Billy and Chuck" gimmick to get it over. The short answer - "as far as I needed to". Very interesting answer explained in the clip.

  • kbunyon

    I was rather impressed with how far they took the storyline. I seem to remember seeing them on the Today show talking about their 'love' for each other in character. Both of them really stepped up for the storyline and I thought they did a fantastic job with it.


    • Mr.Love

      I have to agree with you, when te gimmick was going I thought they did all the little things right. They played to it perfectly. My only problem I had with it was after the wedding when they both came clean and said they weren’t gay. WWE kinda forgot about them. They could hve continued on and still been great tag champs after that but it just died down

  • Bubba J

    I can't believe I still watched wrestling after that horrid story line. But, i'm officially done with wrestling. I've been watching it for way too long. I decided to gracefully bow out after Wrestle mania, so tonight's smack-down is the last pro wrestling program I'll ever watch. Mania this year was a huge let down. I saw no heart at all within the performers besides HHH and Undertaker. I can't take the stupidness that a program that I used to love has gone too. They don't target my audience anymore (Im 27), I dont even think they target wrestling fans anymore! They only care about celebrities and trending worldwide on twitter. I;m tired of it. Yes, RAW was good but I know the WWE is going to blow it like Rock vs Cena. What a huge let down! I sincerely hope the program will get better for the new generation of fans, but I highly doubt it. Maybe we should get WWE Sucks to trend on twitter. I'm sure they'll listen then! LOL.

    • British bulldog

      I agree that wrestling today is poor compared to when we were kids (I’m 29) but I disagree about wrestlemania.

      I thought wrestlemania was reasonably solid, and HHH v taker had a whole lotta heart!! Rock cena could’ve ended on a more stronger finish, overall a pretty good show.

      I like where punk Y2J is going, and the (apparently) legitamate hatred between Brock and cena should ensure a great feud, as long as creative don’t blow it!!

      I genuinely believe 2012 will be a year for big change in the WWE and am looking forward to it.

      Don’t give up my friend, stick it out, and enjoy the show.

    • Matt Scott

      I'm sure WWE is very devastated by the loss of one fan after RAW managed to blow up from a 3.01 to a 3.48 this week.

      • Matt

        3.48 rating yeah they should be devastated I remember when they pulled between a 5.5 and 6.0 rating. Don’t be a douche dude nobody needs your lame remarks

    • CaliburUK

      Not to be argumentative but if you’re done with wrestling after Mania then why watch smackdown tonight? Just switch off and be done with it. I’m the same age as you and while I don’t always agree with the creative direction and feel alienated at points there are still a lot of incredibly talented workers on the roster right now to entertain us. Pro wrestling goes through cycles and right now I agree things have been a little on the low but I’ll be very surprised if you never actually watch again

    • Kleck

      Until Monday night…

    • liam_fan

      the fact that you added "LOL" at the end of this rant makes it even less relevant!

  • Carl Badham

    Bubba J… See ya. It’s fans like you who have no heart for wrestling. Yes these guys have little say in tv programming and the PG era, however all of these guys break their neck all year round to put on a show for all of us. Wrestlemania this year was historic and will live on in history. Your viewing on WWE however will not. Not will it be missed. WWE goes through transitions in eras and this again seems to be the dawning of a new. See ya. Respect.

  • Evil Kevyn

    I loved the Billy, Chuck and Rico storyline!! It was hilarious and I actually enjoyed watching them wrestle together. They had some good chemistry as a team (a rarity in today's thin tag ranks).

  • Bubba J

    Nope, I’m serious. Wrestling is dead to me.

    • joshwrestler

      If wrestling is dead to you then why are you on a wrestling website telling everyone you’re done with it? That’s like telling somebody you’re leaving hoping they say no please stay but they dont say it so your standing there all awkward saying ok I’m Leaving now.

  • Carl Badham

    & yet your expressing this on a wrestling site. Lol some people.