Even More Bizarre Details On John Cena's Post-Match Promo At Extreme Rules, Brock Lesnar's Tantrum Backstage & Why Some Of The Producers Felt The Whole Thing Sent A Bad Message To The Locker Room, Three WWE Legends Furious Over The Outcome Of Cena vs. Lesnar & Why They Were Very Vocal About It, Plans For Next Year's Wrestlemania XXIX Main Event Change Again; Full Details On The Match Vince McMahon Is Leaning Towards

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Although it's a week later, I've learned even more bizarre details regarding the aftermath of John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at WWE Extreme Rules. I can confirm the run sheet called for Cena to be stretchered out of the arena but Vince McMahon instructed him to do a "shoot" promo after the match. Lesnar is believed to not only have been told about the promo by McMahon but it's also believed he was told to throw a "temper tantrum" backstage. As I noted in my initial report here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, Lesnar wouldn't have been watching the monitor backstage had he not known the post-match promo was coming thus there wouldn't have been anything to "set him off."

Privately, some of the producers were complaining about the message this sent to the boys as well as the distrust it causes in the office when you start putting together "secret" plans that not only differ from the script, but are intended to work both the wrestlers as well as those running the company. The story floating around about the stretcher job being a way to pacify Lesnar and convince him he'd be kept strong and Lesnar feeling like he was double crossed was a story Vince wanted to get out there. The truth is, Lesnar just wants his money. I'm told by sources close to the situation that he has made it more than clear, as long as he gets his money, he'll cooperate with whatever they want him to do.

Nonetheless just because Lesnar wasn't legitimately upset about the booking, doesn't mean everyone was OK with it. I'm told many of Lesnar's possible future opponents were upset enough to make their thoughts known and complain to company officials. The Undertaker, The Rock and even Steve Austin are guys who have been angling to work with Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXIX next year in hopes of it being one of the biggest matches in company history. Since Extreme Rules, I'm told all three have let company officials know what a mistake they felt it was about Lesnar losing so soon. The Rock, who was considered the most likely to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania, was the most vocal of the three.

However, I'm told the latest plan for Wrestlemania XXIX next year is to do The Rock vs. John Cena II, not Rock vs. Brock. It was initially thought McMahon was going to announce next year's Wrestlemania main event as soon as possible, however, he didn't want to fully commit to Rock vs. Brock or Rock vs. Cena so early and decided to delay the announcement. I'm told one of the things that ended up tilting Vince in favor of a rematch next year is the success of this year's show. Howevever, Wrestlemania plans for next year have already changed several times and are assured to do the same several times before the show.

But ultimately, with having to decide who would win between Cena and Lesnar, Vince decided to protect Cena since Cena against The Rock again next year is the match he's leaning towards.

  • Kleck

    Does anyone agree that the winner of a Rock/Cena rematch would be obvious?

    • Richard Gray

      I cringed when I heard Vince was leaning towards a Rock vs. Cena rematch. I'd much rather see Brock vs. Rock and Cena vs. Undertaker.

      • Cena vs. Taker would be a much better match, compared to a Cena Vs. Rock match… Let's be smart Vince…

      • urnemystic

        Only problem being cena and taker would be amazing and lesnar/rock would leave no full time wrestler to carry the match . Anyone can disagree with me but i believe Cena carried his match with the rock at mania.

      • Patrick_Peralta

        I cringed last year and this year with HHH vs Undertaker….as for Rock vs Brock or Rock vs Cena II…doesn't matter to me since I don't care to see either… I do agree Undertaker VS Cena would be a good match next year. at Wrestlemania but the longer it gets delayed I doubt we will ever see it.

      • Philip Thompson

        Rock vs Brock just sounds much better from an advertising stand-point. Whatever happened to the 'once in a lifetime' billing?

    • Jaryd

      The thing that most worries me about that is doing a second match with Cena inevitably going over, is that leaves the door wide open for them to do a rubber match at 30… ugh

  • proud

    Why not Cena vs Undertaker and Orton vs. The Rock and have Lesnar as a big draw elevating someone else like The Miz or would that not be Wrestlemania worthy Richard?

  • Jagsman

    What about austin v lesnar, brock to get revenge at mania over the stunner he took after lesnar v goldberg match

  • nefty131

    Why a rematch? That would destroy (well already destroying) the complex intrigue on a redevelopment of the cena character. Rock vs. Cena 2 cannot possibly have anymore draw than what it had.

  • Matt

    I would disagree with Rock vs. Cena 2 since the first one was "once in a lifetime" now if the story line of Rock vs Brock is already in place since it was The Rock who Brock beat for the title at SummerSlam in 2002. Which would bring the Rock to wanting to beak Brock just like when he came back to beat Stone Cold at WM. Then having Undertaker vs. Cena would play into the same ideas that Richard had about HHH vs Undertaker 2 this year how it wouldn't hurt HHH to go under and It won't hurt Cena to go under to the Undertaker. Then have Austin vs CM Punk.