Bizarre Story On Chris Hero's Elevated Testosterone Levels That Nearly Cost Him A Chance With WWE

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One of my sources was checking on the status of Chris Hero now that he has landed a WWE developmental contract and name change to Kassius Ohno and walked away with a bizarre story.

When Chris Hero's original baseline testing came back with elevated testosterone levels that prevented him from originally getting signed by WWE, he had a pretty interesting excuse. Hero claimed that since his entire life was pretty much consumed by wrestling as much as possible and having sex with as many women as possible, his testosterone levels were naturally off the charts. I'm told WWE actually believed the excuse and ordered him to refrain from wrestling and sexual activity to see if his numbers would come down to a reasonable level. This is why Hero went from popping up on random shows in Florida to kind of being missing in action.

Sure enough, Hero's levels came down and he was able to ink a WWE developmental contract. I'm told there is no heat on him over the issue and he's actually joked with friends about how his level of sexual activity nearly cost him a shot with WWE.

  • @RatedMKD

    So that's why he went by the name "Hero" for so long…

  • Jaryd

    Hahaha, what is he some kind of bull that's been put out to stud?

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  • CaliburUK

    Kudos Chris Hero, kudos…

  • Kleck

    Many women have seen his OHno face.

  • WNW Fan

    Either he's the Hugh Hefner of professional wrestling or WWE is that gullible. If he's telling the truth then that the darnest thing I ever heard of.

  • MPXTheChoice

    …wasn't that Ryan Braun's deal too? (just kidding, not proven.)