Black Friday Specials, WWE's Next Top Star, Undertaker To Miss Wrestlemania?, Compensation

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It's Black Friday, where are the specials for WNW Premium?

We are going to post our Black Friday special later this afternoon with the lowest prices in our website's history. I don't want to spoil the surprise but it's definitely something everyone is going to want to keep an eye on.

You've mentioned that you don't agree with Triple H on Sheamus as the next "face" of WWE. Who do you see as the next face? Is that person even on the roster now, or is he yet to be discovered?

It's impossible for me to predict the future as to who will be the next "face of WWE" but I don't think they're currently working in the top of the card. Many people would point to CM Punk, who has probably gotten the closest to John Cena, but at the end of the day Cena is still the guy. WWE's developmental system is stocked with talent and their main roster has several names that could make a push. It's all going to come down to the right person, time and opportunity.

When is The Undertaker scheduled to return to WWE and who will he face?

The last we heard (and reported on WNW Premium) there was a very real possibly of The Undertaker missing Wrestlemania for the first time since 2000. He only has a couple matches left in him and he wants to make them count. We were told Undertaker is upset and feels neglected with next year's show focusing on The Rock, John Cena and Brock Lesnar. You can get caught up at this link.

I know about how people under performer’s contracts in WWE get bonuses for being on TV shows. What happens if a worker is written off because of a storyline and they do not appear live but they show highlight clips with the worker getting “injured,” or the announcers talk about them? Does that count as appearing on the show even though it was not new or do they have to physically appear in new footage to get their bonus? Technically they are still part of the show.

A worker gets paid a bonus when they appear. If a clip from a prior show is shown, it’s not a new appearance. There is also no compensation for a worker being mentioned or talked about but only if they appear. If a worker is injured, they are able to continue to pay their bills by collecting their downside guarantee. The only time a downside stops is in the case of a suspension.

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  • Nick B

    I swear, that last question was word for word from a few months ago……

    • Richard Gray

      Yep a repeat. Included when not enough questions.

      • Ray

        Hi Richard. I tried numorous

      • Ray

        Hi Richard. I tried numerous of times trying to sigh up for the black friday deal but it would not let me proceed with my information. I feel cheated. What's the deal? Should I even bother with WNW anymore?

      • Gary

        Not enough questions? How about the question I asked about whether or not Punk negotiated this title run when his contract was expiring last year. I was very curious about that. He's on the verge of the longest title run in the modern era (380 days) just after almost being cut loose. Was this part of his contract demands?

        • John

          I would say not considering the fact that CM Punk won the title at the MITB PPV then dropped it less than a month later at Summerslam. His current title run started at Survivor Series last year.. 4 months after he signed his new contract.

          • Gary

            That doesn't mean anything. Part of the contract demands could have simply been a title run of this length…doesn't necessarily mean it had to start immediately…just at some point within the framework of his contract time. I'm just curious if anyone has knowledge as to whether or not this was part of his demands….changing his music, hiring Colt Cabana etc etc…maybe when he was red hot near the end of that last contract and he felt he had real leverage he also decided to throw in "and oh yeah, I want the longest title run in the modern era." Just curious.


    What if it’s a storyline injury though?

  • Dan

    I don't blame Taker for feeling neglected.. He deserves to be one of the big focuses if not the main focus at Mania.. I agree wit Cena being the focus because he's "The Face" of the WWE, but letting Lesnar and Rock have bigger roles than the 20-0 streak, bad idea.. Unless you have Rock vs Taker or Cena vs Taker.. Just my opinion..

    • Darkstalker

      I don´t think, one of the two possible matches you mentioned would be of any merit to anyone. Neither Rock nor Cena need to fight the Streak. The last 4 years they had the chance to put together a – somewhat – believable reason for Taker's matches. I can´t think of any plausible way to put him up against Cena or Rocky. Rocky is going for the Gold (as he said one year ago) and Cena .. well, I won´t go so far as to say, he isn't worth to be put in a match with Taker on 'Mania … actually …. I will go so far.

      If Taker is ready and willing to work 'Mania, I could see him go up against Lesnar (like it was planned before) or an uprising-but-nearly-there-guy like Sheamus or Bryan. At least there would be benefit in putting together a match that makes the "newer" guys look good …

      • Gary

        Disagree 100%. Cena or Punk are definitely the guys that would give the most reliable possibility of ending the streak. And I'd rather see either of them against Taker then a rematch of Cena/Rock.

        As for Rock winning the title. If he's not going to stay for an extended period of time…they shouldn't put the strap on him. Defeating Punk and ending the longest title reign in the modern era to give Rock the rub just makes no sense. It makes more sense to put Punk over ROCK and REALLY legitimize this title run for what it is…historic.

        • Gary

          He can't go against Lesnar b/c Lesnar has to continue to win with his limited dates until his final date where they can bill him as a huge beast and have someone go over him. Lesnar has had TWO matches since his return. A loss to Cena and a tap out win over Hunter. Those wins need to keep happening otherwise he's pointless to keep as a reserve big name match.

  • CynIsIn

    With the roster they have,Both part-time and full-time, and what they CAN do with those wrestlers, they don't need the Undertaker. But with what their PLANNING to do, if he's not on the card, I don't want to order it. He's been a life-saver for the last couple of Wrestlemanias, that if they do the "safe" card, then I can already hear, the fans screaming, We Want Taker.

  • christopher525

    Got to be honest, if there's no Taker, and he's not actually retired, there's no reason to watch Wrestlemania. He has been THE highlight in the last few years, as his matches on that show are second to none.

  • Ken

    I'm going to go with a strange opinion here (surprise!!!) but if the Undertaker's not at WM I don't know that I'd really care.
    I have an enormous amount of respect for the Undertaker. His legacy both as a character and as a performer is set in stone, never to be matched let alone surpassed.
    The last two WMs he's had his rivalry with HHH to fuel his matches from a creative perspective, and that rivalry stemmed from the two-year Taker/Shawn Michaels rivalry.
    Taker's last WM match had four years of history behind it. More if you count previous storylines over the years. That meant something. That had relevance. That was epic.
    If Taker comes back for this next WM what history will that match have behind it? A month? Two? With so little time behind it to develop the story between Taker and whoever his opponent might be it certainly couldn't be called a rivalry. Unless the WWE throws HHH at him again, which I don't see HHH wanting to do again unless he wins (which I don't see Taker wanting to happen) and which would be a mistake because that storyline came to a definitive conclusion.
    At best it would be a hastily thrown together match that's there just to feature the Streak and draw soem PPV buys and make Vince some money and which wouldn't have anywhere near the impact of previous instalments.
    Taker deserves better than that. At this stage in his career Taker's matches have to really mean something, and this wouldn't.
    The only way I can see a WM29 Undertaker Streak-defence match being worth it is if Taker returned now and started to re-establish himself as a force, build up a rivalry with someone who could legitimately challenge him from an in-story perspective, and get some real history behind the match, and even if Taker WAS prepared to come back on a weekly basis, which I doubt he would be who is there on the current roster who could possibly be considered as a legitimate opponent? Who is there who could be considered a threat who's not already expected to be in a match at WM29?
    Big Show, Punk, and Cena are out of the question right now for obvious reasons.
    Randy Orton? They'll have something in mind for him already.
    Kane? He'll be doing something with D-Bry in the tag division, and there's no recent history there.
    The Great Khali? Please God no.
    Sheamus? Possible, but unless Taker's prepared to give Sheamus the win that would be a mistake.
    I'm drawing a bit of a blank now. Ryback? (I can just see the response to that. Riot? Try Armageddon!)
    As much as some long term fans would like to see it Taker-Sting won't happen any time soon, if ever.
    I cannot envision a realistic scenario to involve the Undertaker in this year's WM without it being a tacked-on afterthought.
    Sign Brock for another year and build that up? Beg The Rock to do it? Drag Michaels back kicking and screaming? Those would be good matches but I don't see Taker agreeing to break the Streak for, say, Brock. Whoever does break the Streak, if it ever happens at all, would need to be a full-timer with a future ahead of them who could benefit from the hugely enormous win.
    What I'd do is either pencil in Cena for a WM30 match against Taker (at this point he's the only person that makes sense to me, and he'd HAVE to lose), or I'd pencil in Punk for the match in the hopes that it would be a repeat of Taker-Michaels (which Punk is very capable of doing), or I'd spend from now until Dec 2013 building another wrestler as a viable threat to Taker, whoever that would be (and not Ryback), but whoever it would be would have to be someone the WWE was prepared to make a very long term, high profile investment in within the main event scene otherwise the match is a waste
    At the end of 2013 I'd have this person go out of his way to provoke the Undertaker into returning for a WM30 match, using his WM29 absence as a comment on his cowardice and weakness. Come New Year 2014, late Jan/early Feb at the latest, I'd have Taker return and start the build up, appearing every week in a prominent capacity, including working smaller matches or at least being involved physically to give the rivalry some momentum. By the time WM30 comes around there should be enough history between the two to give a Streak-defence match some impetus.
    Whoever else was in the match would have to be a heel for that to work though, so that rules out Cena by default (not a negative judgement on him or Vince for that, just a comment). They're already teasing a rivalry between Punk and Steve Austin, so that kind of rules Punk out.
    Again I come back to my not seeing how the Undertaker's involvement in WM would work without it being a severe let-down, and Taker deserves better than that.
    Taker might well be a tradition at Wrestlemania, and he's been a great one, but at some point soon he will hang up the boots/gloves/hat/wig for good and the WWE will have to go on without him, like it or not. It might as well be WM29 when that happens as any other time.

    • Kevin

      I have to agree with you. Richard says Taker has only a couple of matches left in him; I believe he only has one more GOOD match left. Let him sit out another year; with Rock, Brock, and Cena highlighting WM 2013, The Undertaker would be misused if he appeared. As you stated, start a build up to WM 2014 in Jan or so, with Taker appearing each week on Raw and performing in some capacity. At WM 2014, he gives us his last match. He wins, keeping the streak alive, and retires on MNR the following night, becoming the only wrestler in history to NEVER lose a WM match. I hope this rumor of HHH wanting someone to end the Taker's WM streak is false; if WWE chooses to end Taker's streak by having him lose a WM match, I will boycott them and never watch their programming again.

  • RobUK

    I have to disagree, I find taker turning up and few weeks before maina to set up a unrealistic feud quite boring. He doesn’t wrestle then wins maina every time – as great as his matches have been over the last few years I never believed he would ever lose one of them, did anyone? I enjoy the build in storylines and that’s why I disagree with him turning up a few weeks before maina for one match – same as I disagree with Lesner and The Rock. Now Taker is a legend and I remember him debuting at survivors seris when I was only 10. I just think its time he called it a day and if nessersary had one last match to bring his hall of fame career to a fitting end.

    • Andrew

      I agree with all this. Taker should have retired at 20-0 on the night. He is past it now.

    • Gary

      Yes, I thought there was a legit chance he'd lose to Hunter last year. How could you not assume Hunter might win? He lost the year before and here isn't someone more respected than HHH in the business and worthy of finally ending the streak.

  • lbean

    its 10:26pm, Black Friday discount Code is not working at all

  • Richard Gray

    The sale is over. Check back on Cyber Monday for more coupons.

  • richard hopkins

    Undertaker at wrestlemania, the no brainer is vs Brock Lesner. Brock has never beaten the Undertaker cleanly 1on1. Also Brock says he has nothing to prove and that he dominates WWE, if that were true he would have beaten the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    • Gary

      Brock beat Undertaker CLEANLY in a HITC match to win the WWE championship. It was, to me, the match the legitimized Lesnar as the top guy at the time. Its also the match, where, even though he entered as a heel….the crowd began to cheer for him regardless.

  • Evon Reese

    Punk is no where near the caliber to wrestle Undertaker. What's he gonna do scream and cry at Taker for no respect? It should be Kane but he won't end the streak. Stone Cold should forget about Punk and go for Taker. I would love to see that one. That leaves Lesner and like him or hate him it would probably be one hell of a match.

    • Gary

      It was a hell of a match 10 years ago. Now, it wouldn't be.

    • Gary

      No where near the caliber? He's the best in-ring worker they have along with Daniel Bryan.

  • JPC

    There's only one man to end the streak, Santino Marella!!

  • jack

    Taker vs yoshi tatsu……and the winner gets the rights to Yoshi’s entrance music

    • Agreed. I always thought Yoshi’s theme fit Taker so much better.

  • Mayank S

    Richard, while I always respect your knowledge and posts, I tend to disagree that the Undertaker is upset. He's been in this business for more than 2 decades and there is no reason for him to feel upset about the focus being on Rock or Lesnar or cena or anyone else.

    In fact you had also reported that he was given the choice to pick his opponent out of these 3, and that the other 2 would end up facing each other. And later it was reported that he has signed up for a high profile match. So it seems contradictory to say that he is upset. If he is upset, he will just choose to skip Wrestlemania and nobody can do a thing about it as he is in a position to do whatever he wants.

  • Kevin

    I think it would only be fitting if Taker's last match were at WM, and were a Hell in a Cell match, but instead of escaping the cell to win, you have to put your opponent in a body bag and zip it up. Taker should win, of course, but it should be a tough match. I'd like to see it be Kane, but I think the WWE has put Kane in too many humerous storylines to make him a legitimate threat to Taker. Taker's last opponent has to be someone we fans believe might have a chace to beat him at WM. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing one more Michaels v. Taker match, but I don't think Michaels has it in him for another match. Mankind would be another good choice, but again, I don't think Foley has it left in him. Stone Cold says he has one left; perhaps it could be SCSA v Taker.