Bo Rotunda Arrested On Charges Of Driving Under The Influence In Florida

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WWE developmental worker Bo Rotunda (real name Taylor Rotunda) was arrested early Sunday morning in Florida and charged with driving under the influence.

According to the arrest report, Rotunda blew a .166 and .178 in administered BAC tests.  Both are more than double the legal limit in the state of Florida of .08.

Rotunda was arrested at 2:36 AM, booked at 6:06 AM and released on $500 surety bond at 12:58 PM.

  • havoc525

    Just announced, he’ll be taking Wade Barrett’s spot in tonight’s Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Aint that the same place where Daffney was arrested for the same charge? Geez that must be a crazy town for drinkers man. 2 bad they have to drive afrer. not fun at all guys… not fun at all….