Bob Backlund Returns To WWE; Makes Heath Slater Tap Out

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Bob Backlund returned to WWE on this week's Raw Supershow, making Heath Slater tap out in the Crossface chickenwing in an unofficial match (there was no referee).

Backlund's appearance, first broken here on Premium this morning, was part of WWE bringing in past talent to celebrate the build to the 1000th episode of Raw on July 23, 2012.

  • kevin

    Bob backlund is awesome

  • Logan_Walker

    Well First time i've Seen This WWE Legend Bit Crazy…

  • Porkchop

    He looked like a crazy nursing home patient who wasn't supposed to get out.

  • Brad

    I remember when this guy made his comeback in the mid nineties, he was fun to watch then, and doesn’t look much different in the ring now. Actually looked in great shape for 62!

  • Brad

    Mr. Backlund looked in great shape for 62!

  • I’m starting to think people chant “you still got it” just for anybody that’s old….

    • Blazeking

      You have to be in shape to run on your knees they way he did last night (at age 62). You could blow out a quad or hamstring like that. He's an old-school wrestler with an amateur wrestling background.