Bobby Lashley Considering A Professional Boxing Match

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- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

Donald Trump's hand picked WrestleMania 23 main eventer and current MMA champion heavyweight Bobby Lashley joined Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio presented by, the official podcast of Major League Wrestling. Lashley has competed as an MMA fighter since leaving WWE, but spoke of a desire to pursue a career as a professional boxer.

"I think I might take a boxing match. I've been offered a boxing match. I've been doing a lot of boxing. I'm trying to open as many doors as possible . . . I really like boxing. I've been fortunate enough to work with some really cool boxing coaches."

"I've been approached and I didn't turn it away. One of my boxing instructors sent me down to Vegas to train with [famed trainer] Eddie Mustafa. Eddie said he'd have me ready for my first match in two months and would have me ready for a title shot in a year or a year and a half."

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  • John

    Hahahah Lashley is such an idiot! He couldn’t hack it in MMA, his ego is too big for TNA and WWE wants nothing to do with him! Hey Lahsley here’s a thought, I heard McDonalds is hiring you goof! VINTAGE MICHAEL COLE! lolololol

    • Vince

      Lmao that sounds like something cole would say

    • Dangerous Lee

      Can’t hack it in mma? I guess you missed the part where it said he is a current mma world champion.

  • H.M.

    Isn't Lashley one of three former WWE superstars interested in returning to the WWE?

    • Herman Tank

      HE might be interested but I doubt ol' Vinnie Mac isn't.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Lashley should have never left wwe, he was actually a very impressive wrestler, but he decided to leave and didn’t make it in tna, his loss.