Bobby Roode Announced For Global Force Wrestling's First TV Tapings

Global Force Wrestling announced on Wednesday that Bobby Roode will be appearing at the television tapings in Las Vegas on July 24. Roode will compete in a tournament to crown the first GFW World Champion.

You can watch the video announcement below or at this link:

Click here to read the announcement on Global Force's site.

  • BIG M

    Again their taping less than a month from now and they still have no TV Deal in place.

    • BlazeKing

      They need footage to shop around. That’s why they’re doing this. You can’t shop around for any deal without the merchandise!

      • Vom Kriege

        Exactly, you can’t get a TV deal for a wrestling company unless you have some draws and Bobby Roode is one of the top non-wwe guys out there.

  • jdl

    Sometimes it seems like none of TNA’s wrestlers have any ambition at all. “Well, TNA is kinda drying up, let’s make a horizontal move over to the indie promotion that doesn’t actually have a TV deal.”

    • Vom Kriege

      Um, if WWE doesn’t want them, what can they do? No amount of ambition can make WWE sign you if they aren’t interested. They have to earn a living after all.