Bobby Roode Discusses Cheap Finishes To Title Matches; Expresses The Need For TNA To Tape Outside Orlando

The UK Sun and have new articles online featuring quotes from TNA Champion Bobby Roode. Below is an excerpt each article:

ON THE ACCUSATION OF ‘CHEAP’ FINISHES TO HIS TITLE MATCHES: “I don’t write the shows, I just go out and perform.

"But obviously something’s being done right because from a wrestling standpoint I’m meant to be hated. If people hate me I’m doing a good job.

“I don’t think it devalues the world title at all. I think it’s intriguing, it makes people want to watch and see me get beat. Every time I win it p****s them off even more.”

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"Obviously, I'm not the man who pays the bills; I'm not the wallet, so to speak, But in order for us to take that one step further I think it's a necessity for us to step away from Orlando and do our television tapings elsewhere in the country."

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending the links.

  • AJG316

    He's definatly right. They NEED to go out of the Florida area, one of their many big problems

    • Blazeking

      That's not their only problem as far as location. FCW isn't too far away from the Impact Zone. People get turned away from FCW shows because there's too many people for the building. That's why they moved to Full Sail's campus in Winter Park, FL; which is still fairly close to Orlando. Now FCW is going to draw a bigger crowd being merged with NXT. Have you seen FCW show's lately? It's gotten so good and ripe with talent that TNA is kinda in the shadow.

      They *need* to get out of that state and Spike should be supporting them on that. They're being hardheaded like they were when they had ECW on TNN.

  • Dave the Jobber

    At least Bobby Roode knows and can admit that if the company didn't have faith in him, he wouldn't be Champion. Kudos to him for busting his ass in every encounter. He puts on a real entertaining match everytime out, no matter the opponent. I feel he should hold on to the title for a good while longer.

    • Thebigbowboskie

      I agree

      • Patrick_Peralta

        I all so agree he should have a long title reign

        • A.C.

          Bobby is already one of the greatest world champions of all time. I totally agree that he should be champ for a long time.

  • Mason

    People can go hating on bobby but he is honestly an amazing wrestler. Congrats to him for holding the title this long

  • It is a shame that Storm got this concussion when he did, he’s by far my fvairote act in TNA right now. I never thought I’d say that many years after he debuted with Chris Harris as a goofy cowboy many moons ago in NWA:TNA. Love that you guys do more than just results but break it down and analyze too. Keep it up! Flying Elbows Before Hos. Unless those Hos have outstanding haunches.