Bobby Roode On The Support Of Hulk Hogan; Hogan Gets Heat For Twitter Remark

The UK Sun has a new article online featuring quotes from a recent interview that Fighting Spirit Magazine did with TNA Champion Bobby Roode. In it, he's asked about Hulk Hogan's support of him (or lack thereof). Below is an excerpt:

"I'm still extremely respectful of Hulk Hogan — I did interviews leading up to Bound For Glory where people asked me if I'd be sour if Hogan wanted to go on in the main event spot for his match with Sting.

"But the true answer was no, I wouldn't have been. Without Hulk Hogan or Sting, I wouldn't be here doing this stuff."

Hogan, a constant magnet for controversy, posted comments on Twitter Tuesday that made some eyes roll. Here's what he wrote:

Taping again in Orlando,Garrett seems to have found the magic,I only hope it rubs off on some of the other numbskulls. HH

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    Knee jerk reaction from me was a scoff. I think I'd be angrier if he mentioned who those "numbskulls" are. However the focus is him putting Garrett Bischoff, someone who doesn't measure up in experience, with almost all of the guys in TNA.

    That's ridiculous to put him over, especially since his in ring time doesn't even prove to me right now that he's a future star. Bret Hart said in the new Hart/HBK DVD, was Hogan knew nothing about wrestling, running a wrestling company, which he referred to his creative control in WCW. Now he's actually one of the cooks in the overcrowded kitcen of TNA. What the heck does he know really? Putting Garrett over, but not one of the hardest working wrestlers in that company, AJ Styles. He was also pretty indifferent to Roode during his hot streak, and reports say he changed the finish of BFG.

    I have to agree, Hogan doesn't know how to run a wrestling company, at least it seems so. He certainly doesn't know much about who deserves main event billing. Jeff Hardy likely to main event months after his return rather than I don't know, after a 30 month probationary period.

  • Chris_Storm

    I'm with Chapel on the scoff. But wait guys! Maybe Hogan will teach Garrett the Leg Drop Of Doom and he can win every match he ever wrestles over the next five or ten years no matter how bad or good the match is.

  • Ellen

    Numbskull, fitting for Hogan, no? He and Bischoff should just shut up and work…novel idea right, earn their money because there's nothing coming out of TNA that shows much work on their part – other than the destruction of Impact.

  • stoney

    wow just wow, Hulk just loves to hear himself talk

  • Danno

    Hogan's the only person who likes what he has to say. I will say that if Impact is putting on the shows they advertise, they are a step ahead of the wwe in that respect.

  • Alex

    Did Hogan just say all the wrestlers in TNA are numbskulls compared to Bischoff's son, who is in no way a real wrestler? Honest, this just goes to show you how awesome Vince McMahon is at making a star. He took this cancer that's pretty much killed every organization he's ever been at and turned him into a star that put his business on top. It's a shame Dixie isn't as smart.

  • tnadude

    It's a motivation thing. I can't say I agree with the tactics, but he's trying to get people to step up. He doesn't think they're all numskulls either, and turning Roode heel was in everyone's best interest.

    I will say, though, that it would be a tragic mistake to insert Hardy as WC unless he stays clean for at least 6 months to a year. If they insert him and he screws up, they will lose viewers in droves. And if that happens, it will fall squarely on Hogan, who is pushing for Hardy.

  • Zack

    guys guys, I'm sure it was just that his account was hacked 😉

  • nature boy fan

    I think TNA needs to the input and experience of Ric Flair to rejuvenate their show.

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