Bobby Roode "Suspended Indefinitely"

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TNA ran a storyline on their official website on Tuesday where MVP "suspended" Bobby Roode indefinitely. The following is from Twitter:

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  • Jesse Sherwood

    And now they do this… Considering all of the other news coming out of TNA in the last week, this is an obvious cost cutting measure.

    • Gerr Bear

      No this a storyline. You can bank on it that bobby will cost mvp the title!

      • Jesse Sherwood

        It may be storyline, but keeping him off TV, just like they did Joe, is just as much a financial decision as it is a storyline one. Joe and Roode command two of the largest per appearance fees on TNA’s roster. You’d be daft to think there wasn’t some financial reason behind this.

  • Philip Dickens

    this is the start of roodes babyface turn

  • live1213

    These storylines not making sense AT ALL!!!! Right when they do something right, they do something so stupid they had a chance to make Bobby Rhoode the new Ric Flair, the Randy Orton the bad guy u luv to hate. James Storm the Dusty Rhodes, the Hacksaw Jim Dugan the luv one and the turn with the wind to a Eric Young a copied of Daniel Bryant storyline and flip the show up side down in 3 weeks TNA you are adding to the GFW fans.