Bobby Roode's Future In TNA Wrestling Unclear

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We've received some questions regarding Bobby Roode's contract status with TNA Wrestling.

Roode's latest contract was for five years and commenced on March 1, 2009, meaning the deal wouldn't expire until March 1, 2014. However, here is the kicker. The majority of TNA contracts feature options in their latter years. The options vary depending on the terms of the contract, as some are at the discretion of TNA while others are at the discretion of the worker.

Lately, TNA has been declining company options and renegotiating deals at lower rates. I don't know and can't confirm if this is the case with Roode although the word from TNA observers in San Antonio is that Roode's future is unclear.

Roode is scheduled to team with Austin Aries to defend the TNA Tag Team Championship at Lockdown against Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez.

  • Lindsay

    It would be great to see Roode in the WWE, as long as he was properly used. I think he has CM Punk potential.

    • CM Punk potential? He’s already on the same level. Even Rock tweeted to Roode on how great he thought he was.

      • jdl

        He’s not on Punk’s level, don’t kid yourselves into thinking he has that much talent in the ring and on the stick. He would definitely have a great chance of hitting it big in the WWE, but Punk is on a whole other level. He does things in a way that no one else does and it makes him almost peerless in the modern industry. Roode is impressive, but he’s not that impressive.

        • LeftyTosser

          I have to agree with Justin, Roode is definitely at least on the level with Punk and may even be a step above. His skills both on the mic and in the ring getting a crowd reaction are better than Punk. He may not be able to do the same aerial moves that Punk does, simply because of size, but he certainly has carried a ton of matches and is very impressive in the ring.

  • Stoney

    He could do well in the wwe, he has the look, mic skills, great in the ring and charisma. But I think he’ll be a victim of the ‘proverbial handcuffs’

  • The Breaker

    TNA needs Roode. For their sakes, I hope he at least finishes his contract.

  • PFElton

    Downsizing workers because they haven’t been in the WWE is ridiculous. Samoa Joe never won the King of the Ring Tournament but King Mabel did. Does that make Samoa Joe worse than King Mabel? No.

  • Benjamin

    I’d expect Matt Morgan to replace Roode, if they cant come to terms on even a one night deal, but they should.

  • Guess TNA’s loss will be WWE’s gain, then.

  • Snap

    The thing is, with TNA going on the road, the absolute LAST thing they should even consider is trying to cut the workers’ pay. It’s one thing when they were in the Impact Zone and the talent didn’t have to constantly pay the cost of traveling from city to city for each show and could save money by living around Orlando, but now their expenses will go up and TNA will look less attractive to those workers who want to get away from the WWE schedule.

    TNA needs to invest in the talent they want to build the company around, not push them away by telling they’re not worth a reasonable contract. If they cannot afford to be on the road while still paying their talent decently, then they shouldn’t have taken themselves on the road where their operating costs are bound to rise exponentially.

    Before anybody argues that, let me ask this: if you signed a contract with your job and it stated your rate of pay was $x.xx per hour, but then the company moved to a larger facility (usually a sign that the business is prospering) but wanted cut your pay, would YOU be happy about it? Would you just roll over and go on or would you consider taking a position at a competing company which pays equal or even greater than what your contract states?

    I can tell you, I’ve worked at several places where the business has moved to larger buildings and not one of them cut anybody’s pay. Leaving the Impact Zone may be good for the product, but if the company cannot afford to take on the additional costs of having to set up and strike their sets for each show they put on (which includes fuel and maintenance costs, among many others) while still paying their talent well, then they SHOULDN’T have left the Impact Zone.

    Let’s hope it works out for them, though.