Booker T Calls Antonio Cesaro The Future At WWE Live Event

Wrestling News World reader Bob Cavicchiol was at Friday's WWE live event in Hartford, Connecticut and wrote about Booker T calling Antonio Cesaro out for a birthday Spinaroonie. The moment occurred after Big Show vs. Kane, in which Book refereed. He called out Cesaro and put him over in the ring to babyface reactions.

The crowd chanted "We the People" and sung "Happy Birthday" before Booker T called Cesaro "the future."

For those that have asked, Cesaro turned 33-years-old on Friday.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    So John Cena and Booker T have both said that Cesaro has a big future. I think that is obvious to anyone, I enjoy watching him.

    Thing I can’t figure out is why they paired him with Jack Swagger, just seems to be holding him back, at least put a title on the guy.

    • HairScissors

      Maybe they wanted to pair them up for the “He’s better than me, Im gonna ride his coattails, and he’s gonna be my mentor” kinda thing?

      But it didnt work since Swagger is still……… just Swagger

    • jdl

      They paired them because Cesaro has one major weakness when it comes to his performance with fans. One week he’s hot, the next they can’t remember who he is even if he gets a solid push. That ridiculous spinning nonsense has done more for him than a US title reign did, and the second he stops doing it every week is the second fans will start to forget about him. Cesaro is a great performer, but he’s unconvincing.

    • Jimmy

      I think the idea was more to pair him up with Zeb Colter rather than just Swagger, as talented as Cesaro is, WWE still thinks he needs some extra help on the mic.

  • Nostaljack

    If they’d ever get moving on him, he could be something. It’s not looking good at this point but it’d be nice. His swing is a good gimmick to build on. Get him away from Jack Thwagger…stat!

  • Lebron James

    Cesaro is easily the best wrestler in the world right now. Hope 2014 is his year. I’d love to watch him and Lesnar go one on one, now that’s a dream match!