Booker T Takes Sixth & Final Spot On Team Teddy At Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Booker T joined Team Teddy as the sixth and final member for the 12-man tag team at Wrestlemania XXVIII on tonight's WWE Raw Supershow. The match now looks like this:

Team Johnny: David Otunga, The Miz, Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Team Teddy: Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali and Booker T

The winning team will gain their respective General Manager "control" of both brands.

  • Russell

    Yes book is at mania I love all the competitors styles but I'm strictly 50/50.

  • Phil

    I gotta go team jonny

  • Frenchfry

    good! love him

  • Stoney

    Team Johnny we comin for u n-word

    • James Mitchell

      Funny bro

  • The Bops

    I wonder what the original plan was for this match. These teams, especially Team Teddy, seem very haphazzardly put together. No real complaints, I like allof the competitors, but I think there was an actual plan until some key players were injured.

  • Shiven Patira

    I am going for Team Teddy

  • John

    I was hoping Mick Foley would have been the last participant but Booker T is just as good! Actually when I think about it wrestling wise Booker is way better because the dude can go and deliver a great match. How about Mark Henry picking up Khali? He actually picked him up! Khali didn’t give him any leverage! IlIf Team Johnny wins I hope it’s because of Henry!

  • An0n

    i want teddy to win, jonny is going to win

  • Ken

    I sense a storyline betrayal in here somewhere, but I can't (or won't) pu my finger on it. Just saying!

  • Booker T!!!! I was so happy when he was announced…..surprised though thought it would be Mysterio.

  • sal

    booker t was the only good thing on raw. biggest pop of the night now can you did that suckaaaaa

  • Russell

    Team Teddy looks weak exept booker t and r truth the rest don't look good team johnny gonna win and Teddy will be Johnny assistant and Johnny will beat the crap out of him. Then it will lead to a match blah blah blah. I predict futures yo.

  • Noel

    I gotta go for……..oh I don't even care. This match promises to be one big snorefest from start to finish. They should have gone the mystery partner route but what do we end up with? Some guy who is boring to watch and a guy in his forties who is past his prime in the ring and is much better on commentary these days. And they announce it on twitter rather than on their own website?? Is it just me or is WWE starting to look a bit like TNA these days? Very amateurish in my opinion.