Booker T's Twitter Account Hacked, Rhyno Added To WWE Alumni

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-The official Twitter account of Booker T has been hacked. His background has been replaced by swastikas and the account has been tweeting a number of racial slurs.

- Rhyno has been added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Click here to view it. Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Booker T = worlds first black nazi?

  • Logan_Walker

    This is Why WWE Pays So Much For Twitter Right ? They Should get them to intervene Really ?

  • Logan_Walker

    No Doubt There will be another Twitter Meeting Before RAW Next week Talking About Strong Passwords and the rest of that rubbish

  • Angel Psymon

    Clan Vv3 is a much of sick bastards. They get their jollies from hacking anyone and everyone they can (Whitney Cummings [actress], Xbox Live accounts, Booker T).

    What I hope happens is that, due to the fact that Clan Vv3 threw up all of Booker T's personal information and were a bunch of racist [email protected]#$%, they'll invoke the ire of the multibillion dollar company that backs Booker T. Then these [email protected]#$% will finally get what they deserve.

  • nefty131

    Damn booker t got messed up… Seems to be a hacking team that’s simply want to mess things up for celebs big or small, and also target some gamer clans… The worst thing is that they post personal info on their site… All of bookers and his wife’s info is on their site. O.o

  • havoc525

    When WWE gets their lawyers on these hackers for posting personal info, they’ll suddenly start the whole “it was a joke” deal and try to bitch out of it.

  • Howard Stern

    What sad losers. Please get em WWE, I want to see the scrawny pimple faced idiot go down hard.

  • Maxx Stylez

    It is sad that we still live in an ignorantly racist world where an organization like the kkk still tries to spread it’s pathetic message of hate. And the only reason they did it? Because he is a moderately famous black individual with over 300,000 twitter followers. But they couldn’t just be imbeciles spreading hate. They had to hack Sharmelle and then post all of their private info for the world to see. Now Booker has to move his family, change his number, and monitor his finances like a hawk, or they’ll keep harming him. These people need to be brought up on felony counts of cybercrime and locked away permanently.

  • urnemystic

    I think this is th first time i actually beleive the twitter account was hacked. I get a kick out of when celebrities act like a douchebag one day and then say they were hacked the next say like angle a while ago and more recently tammy sytch's anti-homosexual slurs.

  • Neo

    "Let me tell you something"
    "Are you kidding me?"
    Stop torturing SmackDown fans into mute mode or "telling" us something every freaking 5 minutes.
    Perhaps that's why people target his Twitter account.
    Remember Kurt? He ran his mouth and later, his account has been hacked. So this comes as a no surprise for me.

    • Kevin

      Are you kidding me?! Let me tell you something: you are an idiot!

  • natty

    this is crazy people who do stuff like this have no life so they try to make other people as miserable as them.

  • ldb

    can you smell that? its a GORE for heath slater on raw.

  • Matt

    I saw those tweets and just ignored it. I would love to see what happens if Book comes face to face with those guys, oh man, that would be so amazing

  • _JIM_

    Isn’t Rhyno in R.O.H.? If so I doubt he will be goreing anybody on Raw anytime soon.

    I feel bad for Booker. I couldn’t imagine the amount of problems these hacker morons have caused him. They need to try getting a girlfriend and move out of their Mommy’s basement. You have to be a total social misfit to spend that much time in front of a computer. Get a life Poindexter!

  • Autista

    Tell me you didn’t just say that????

    • Kevin

      That was a good one, Autista.