Booking The Miz Forward, Botched MITB Ladder Match Ending, When John Cena Will "Cash In," Kelly Kelly's Unusual Time Off

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How do you see The Miz being booked going forward?

The Miz, who returned at WWE Money in the Bank, will likely resume his role as an upper mid-card talent. He received some babyface reactions at the pay-per-view so it will be interesting if WWE explores his character or has him cut a heel promo on Raw to keep him that way. I look for him to get a bigger push when "The Marine: Homefront" is released as filming for the movie has wrapped. Also, was it just me or did The Miz "Vince McMahon" his hair? Think about it.

What are your thoughts about the botched ending of the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE Championship match contract at the pay-per-view?

I thought it was funny when the briefcase handle broke, laughing out loud at Cena's shocked reaction. For those wondering what the original plan was, I have already posted full details at this link. If you are not yet a Premium Member, you can sign-up now at this link.

With John Cena winning the Money in the Bank contract for a WWE Championship match, do you think WWE plans to have him win the title and have a rematch with The Rock?

Vince McMahon has been considering The Rock vs. John Cena II at Wrestlemania XXIX again next year but no plan is set in stone as of this writing. I do not see Cena carrying the MITB briefcase around long and could have seen him "cashing in" as early as the pay-per-view. It obviously wasn't in the plans with the Money in the Bank ladder match going last, however, I could see him cashing in on the 1000th Raw or even sooner.

What's going on with Kelly Kelly?

Kelly Kelly is on approved leave of absence from WWE. The company is allowing her to accept independent bookings, which is something very unusual for someone with an active performer's contract. I have more details on the unusual situation available at this link.  If you are not yet a Premium Member, you can sign-up now at this link.

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  • Big D

    I believe Miz was still sporting the same 'do that he had in the movie (including the scruffy beard).

  • Callum

    What happened that was botched?

    • Joe

      The handle on the briefcase broke off the clasp it was hanging from while Cena was pulling on it and using the case as a weapon on big show. It probably wore out from everyone holding onto it (such as Jericho hanging onto it while off the ladder)

    • Letting cena main event another ppv was a botch in itself.

  • RyderORiot

    I really dont wanna see a Rock vs Cena 2, there match at WM wasnt really that great. If anything I would love for Brock to get the title and let the Rock feud with him but I doubt that will happen now 🙁

    • Jamie

      I think Rock Vs Cena 2 would be better than the first, Rock and Hogan had a rematch, plus Cena was working injured this past wrestlemania.. so a match with both of them at 100% should be better..

  • Bishop

    Miz was added to the MITB match? Who woulda thunk it? 😉

  • mw

    what was original plans for
    cena and will hogan be in raw 1000

    • Vaughan

      Bahaha hogan is on tna foool

      • Great read. Wasn’t watching wistelrng during this period of time.Had never for a second thought about Cena v. Undertaker at Mania, but it would be legitimately the only way I could get excited for either of these guys at this point, and I would absolutely love it. Although Cena winning would probably cause the internet to explode.My point is, I was not watching wistelrng at this point in time, and yesterday I went back and watched the 2008 Elimination Chamber match from No Way Out (which was just Batista vs. Undertaker with Khali, Viscera, Finlay, and MVP kind of just there), and the match is really boring but HOLY SHIT is that over-the-rope reversal into a Tombstone to end the match fucking BOSS I could watch it a hundred times and never stop loving it.So yeah, good article Brandon.

    • Tristeza

      Hogan is a big deal in TNA, I really, really, doubt it.

    • Hogan wasn’t with the company when raw first started. He didn’t help build the show so there’s no reason he should be there.

      • Craigscool88

        Actually hogan was on raw a few times when it started it was around wrestlemania 9 and he was there halfway through the next year

  • Jim P

    Yeah, I realize that WWE likes to play on short memories, but given that Cena v Rock was billed as "Once in a Lifetime," I'd be particularly annoyed to see a repeat, the very next year.

    • George Takei

      They could pull a sort of Brock vs Goldberg WM match and do "Once in a Lifetime… Again"

  • dmo

    I wonder how much heat cena is getting from the superstar that was supposed to win the match
    And i heard that wwe is trying to hire wrestlers instead of models now so the independant bookings for Kelly is probablly to help train her to get a better moveset and become a better wrestler for her next push

  • Ricky Valdez

    If cena was not suppose to win the money in the bank suit case then the look of shock and awe showed in his face when he secured the suitcase, it was great the look he had on his face.

    • mistersmith

      It's a briefcase, not a suit case.

      • James M>>>

        Thanks for the unnecessary correction

  • Renegade

    Just watched the ending of the raw mitb match again… Looks like its a gimmicked briefcase. Cena looks like he pushes a catch or a button or something on the top of the case that causes the handle of the briefcase to come flying off releasing it from the cable.

    • Terry

      Me too . Miz and Jericho didn’t touch the case at all , just the harness and the clip .

  • Jashaun

    I’m not trying to be gay or anything lol but I think the miz looks better with the new look.

    • James M>>>

      Well you succeeded.

    • Yanman

      I second that motion

  • Andrew

    Cena was suppossed to win, just in a different way…

  • Austin

    Why did the Raw MITB go last? So a qualifying match for the WWE title is more important then the actual title match? John Cena YOU SUCK

    • James M>>>

      So a MITB match shouldn’t go last in the MITB pay per view?

      • Austin

        No. It shouldn’t. The WWE championship should be treated as the most important match on the card. We all know if super Cena (or Super Jackass at this point) was champion or the challenger it would be main event. Not to mention all the previous MITB ppvs had the title match go last.

        • James M>>>

          Well I guess u can’t make everyone happy, even harder to please a cena hater.

  • mistersmith

    If you watch, Jericho doesn't hand from the briefcase. He makes sure and grabs the cable above the briefcase handle which makes me believe it was scripted to end the way it did. And don't give me the business about 15 minutes being left. There's almost always 15 minutes left when a PPV ends.

  • Bault16

    Miz looked more like Scott Disick than McMahon.

  • Lenny

    The Miz with his Vince McMahon hair cut looked very mature and way better than his fahawk hair cut. Not only that, the
    Scruffy beard and the fact that he looks alot skinner really made him look like a brand new person. Plus the crowd reaction he got along with the fact that his movie is coming out soon tells me he’s prob going to be booked as a tweener.


    It doesnt matter if Jericho was holding on to the cable or not he still would be applying pressure to the handle so that would be taking a big chance in hoping it doesnt break off then

  • si.r.

    where is wade barrett?

    • JasonGaza

      do u not remember what happened to his arm?

  • Stoneman

    I’m disappointed in seeing Cena win the most innovative WWE match in recent memory. The Cena act is overplayed and vanilla now. I was hoping to see Show win the match. His heel gimmick is with more flavor and is one of the most refreshing acts in quite some time.

  • 04.26.11 at 5:59 pmBeeJI sure am glad The Rock is gone so people can agree with your opoiinns again, Brandon!The Draft is always a weird time because Draft week itself usually sucks, but then the week after has the potential to get me really excited about wrestling (well, not wrestling, but you know) again. Last year I remember a single episode of Smackdown successfully turning Big Show from a monster heel into an incredibly lovable face and simultaneously cementing Jack Swagger as a downright loathed champion. Good storytelling is not hard when you use your talent correctly, and right now they have an opportunity to start fresh and do just that. Lord only knows whether they’ll actually go for it.