Booking The Rumble, CM Punk’s Disdain For The Rock, Title Match Outcome, Brock Lesnar

I was just wondering how WWE goes about booking a match like the Royal Rumble? With 30 workers involved, is every elimination scripted or do they just want it to get down to a final four and then really work the match? And is the entry order really random?

We get this question a lot around this time of year and it's always fun to answer. The 30-man Royal Rumble match is scripted, completely scripted, just like any other match. It would be utter chaos if WWE just sent workers from gorilla and told them to "do their thing" until they got to the final four. This year's match was actually booked last month by Pat Patterson and Triple H. Plans have been sealed and we haven't been able to confirm who they have going over. As I noted here on Premium, Hunter is trying to learn the art of booking the Rumble match since he knows Patterson isn't going to be around forever.

What is the real life relationship like between CM Punk and The Rock? I remember reading something about CM Punk not being happy about a part-timer like The Rock coming back and stealing the spotlight.

One can only speculate as to how much legitimate disdain there is between a guy like CM Punk and a guy like The Rock. I'll tell you as long as The Rock is around there is going to be a divide because of his success outside of the ring. However, this time around (and not that Punk even did this last year), no one will be able to question Rock's involvement in WWE as he's basically back full-time until Wrestlemania. He's not scheduled for live events but he's booked for most TVs as you can view his dates for the next two months at this link. Given the number of movies The Rock is releasing this year, his work ethic is unlike anything I have ever seen.

I believe the only possible scenarios for WWE Title match are: The Rock wins clean, DQ via The Shield, or CM Punk wins dirty. Is there any way to book CM Punk over The Rock clean to make a monster statement?

I've been trying to come up with a scenario where CM Punk retains clean but I don't think it's going to be possible to keep the momentum on The Rock for Wrestlemania. The Shield's involvement in the past WWE title matches are souring me on the use of the faction. Don't get me wrong, I think all three have done a great job but I'm tired of them running in to ruin title matches. I've spent enough time criticizing WWE for their lack of confidence in Ryback but they clearly wanted to keep the belt on Punk for a program with The Rock and after the exchange on this week's Raw, we all know why.

Do you see a scenario happening at the Royal Rumble that has Brock Lesnar costing The Rock the WWE Championship and setting up a match between the two at Wrestlemania?

I could see a scenario like this happening but I'm not sure WWE would want to burn through a Brock Lesnar date with an unannounced appearance, especially when WWE knows people are going to order the pay-per-view because of The Rock. You can take the following names - Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and CM Punk - and have a field day producing dream matches. After Royal Rumble the picture is going to be much clearer but things are rapidly changing.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    At first I think if the WWE Title did change hands at Royal Rumble it would be a great mistake. But after last night’s Raw, it would be an OK if Rock won the title from Punk and “passing of the torch” to a younger talent at WrestleMania. Anyhow, Raw’s ending last night was electric. Can’t wait for their match at Rumble in 19 days…

  • I think it would be awesome if The Shield was working for The Rock this whole time.The Shield screws Punk at the Rumble. The Rock wins dirty, becomes a heel followed by a great storyline. But easier said than done.

    • The Breaker

      The problem with that is, you can’t have The Rock being in control of The Shield without completely overshadowing all the work they’ve done with those three. Let them stand on their own.

      • Rhyze Reign

        Well couldn’t you have Maddox cost Punk the title since they seem to be exiling him. No better way for revenge.

  • disqus_lEraYbJKtA

    This was the first promo for Royal Rumble. Could you imagine a build for Wrestlemania between them two?

  • Jeff Ono

    I realize that Punk fans are trying to figure out some way for him to leave RR with the title. But it’s not going to happen. Vince McMahon is happy to grind out Punk throughout the year (because Punk is a reliable workhorse and usually healthy). But Vince has an image about who is a main-event superstar for WrestleMania (his baby), and Punk does not fit the billing. There’s no other reason to bring back the Rock unless he has the title going into WM. It makes for a bigger story, regardless of whether he defends against Cena, Undertaker or Lesnar (odds in that order). You have to think about it in financial terms, namely PPV buys. WM does not attract PPV buys because of CM Punk … because his biggest fans will buy the PPV anyway, and those who boycott comprise of a small minority of hardcore fans in the IWC. Casual fans will buy the PPV because of The Rock (and Lesnar to a much smaller extent). The Rock HAS to be in the main event, and it HAS to be against the superstar who draws the most (sorry, but it’s Super Cena). Besides, for all of you Punk fans, you should consider The Undertaker a better “wrestling” opponent (and therefore a great honor).

    • steve pritchard

      Who says. Cm punk doesn’t fit vkms Wm main eventer.neither did hbk,Chris beniot or mysterio but all 3 ended up main Eventing Wm ! U census fans are delusional.u need start researching more before u write ridiculous comments!

      • steve pritchard

        Sorry about spelling and typing! Using a Droid Phone

  • What lack of confidence in Ryback are you talking about, the fact that he hasn’t lost a match clean yet tells me they still have plenty of confidence in him.

    • steve pritchard

      I totally agree. I think it would be more interesting to see ryback or punk vs rock at Wm than once in a lifetime part 2.don’t get me wrong the first match was good! But it would have been better if they had confidence in cenas character to turn him heel which would have made that year long build up a lot better. U want to talk about lack of confidence just look at cena his character and ring performance gets more bland each week.yet they wont change him because he sells merchandise. Lack of confidence in ryback LOL