Booking Ziggler vs. Cena, Raw's 20th A Mess?, Lesnar's Future, Scott Hall Update

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Are you as frustrated with the booking of Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena as I am? I mean two weeks in a row he hits every one of his signature moves on Cena and he kicks out. Cena hits one AA and match over. Why can't Dolph win clean, just once?

The program of Dolph Ziggler and John Cena has been phenomenal with excellent in-ring work and certainly the "match of the night" on the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw. Ziggler got the victory at WWE TLC, albeit dirty, but it's not like Cena has gotten all the wins. WWE is hesitant to put Cena under because they don't want to do any damage to future programs. If the plan leaked out on Monday is any indication, they want Cena to look strong heading into Wrestlemania for another match against The Rock. The thinking is a loss from Cena won't make Dolph look bad because he isn't yet at Cena's level.

Why would the WWE put on a complete mess of a show and completely letdown all of the fans with no Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels or any other returning superstar right before a key pay-per-view?

WWE clearly wanted to focus on CM Punk vs. The Rock - the main event of Royal Rumble - which was seen in the closing segment of this week's show. There was a change in thinking sometime along the way as many thought this show would be loaded with past talent. I'll admit it was a letdown without some of the names you mentioned, but it's all part of the process to sell Royal Rumble and of course Wrestlemania. I disagree the show was a "complete mess" as Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena alone was pay-per-view quality. We also got a title change and an appearance from The Rock. One thing that may become problematic is the The Rock not wrestling  I feel you would have had a completely different opinion of the show had Rock not appeared on Raw and Smackdown last week. This shows just how quickly a past star returning goes from a surprise to something expected. He's going to need to wrestle on Raw and/or Smackdown to keep fans interested.

What are the chances of Brock Lesnar signing a new contract with WWE after Wrestlemania 29?

WWE was pleased with the impact Brock Lesnar had on the buy rates for Extreme Rules and SummerSlam and are interested in signing him to a new contract after Wrestlemania 29. Some were hopeful they would be able to get him at a cheaper rate but I haven't heard anything in quite some time.

I haven't heard much on Scott Hall since the special on ESPN's E:60. Is he still in the business, and has he had any success in fighting his demons?

The last update I heard on Scott Hall wasn't a good one. WWE wanted him to return to rehab because he was drinking again. The latest is Diamond Dallas Page moving in to do DDP Yoga with him and try and help like he has done with Jake Roberts. Hall has alienated so many people that care about him through his actions, it will be interesting if DDP can make a difference.

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  • Kudos to DDP for helping guys like Jake and Axott

    • IlyasG

      That pretty much settles the whole debate about the nickname “People’s Champ”: The Rock gets it in kayfabe, DDP gets it in real life.

      • Kai foxx

        I think the rock does actually a nice job, he’s a very motevational person over twitter, but if the rock hadn’t such a busy scedual would he be doing what ddp is doing? No! He’d probably try and sweat it out of them.

        • Gary Robert

          schedule* smh

  • KingKongBrody

    Jake Roberts and Scott Hall should’ve had great post wrestling careers. If there’s such a thing as a five tool wrestler they would be it had everything it takes to be on top. I just hope they can beet there demons

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    DDP what a classy act!

  • Stoney

    Its not like people are gonna drop Cena like a bad habit

  • Luke

    Hall hasn’t moved in with Dallas nor Dallas with him. And I doubt that it will happen. You can follow @ChaysnRance on Twitter, who updates about Scott Hall on regular basis. The last thing he wrote was: “Just talked to Scott Hall. A very long time friend berated him & Scott took 90 pills. The machine didn’t die & is still considering @DDPYoga”

  • Vic Jose

    Personally I don’t think it was much of a letdown that Michaels and HHH weren’t on Raw because i’m tired of seeing them come back every now and then. Would have been nice to see other former stars that we haven’t seen in ages. Also Austin and HBK had a prior commitment.

  • BobCobb

    I agree with the person who wrote in about the ziggles and cena match. Very frustrating seeing dolph hit all his signature moves two weeks in a row and cena kicked out of all of them. Makes zigggler look really weak and gives the cena haters more reason to dislike him

  • I don’t get all this obsession with past stars. They gave us a show full of past stars only a few of months ago at Raw 1000. Anyway bringing in past stars is what’s ruining the business.

  • I truly hope that they do NOT sign Lesnar he is a leech and he has no heart