Brad Maddox In A Cave, Impact Of Dirt Sheets, Kurt Angle's Future, Show Bonusses In WWE, What About Luke Harper?

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What is the deal with the cave videos Brad Maddox has been uploading to his YouTube channel?

Brad Maddox is doing what a good pro wrestler does, promoting himself. With WWE making budget cuts and Maddox without a role on television, his days could be numbered. His cave videos are his way of working the Internet to keep his name relevant. It's smart and his "In cave. need help" video amassed 80,000 views.

How has the IWC, dirt sheets and websites like Wrestling News World changed the culture of pro wrestling?

The culture of pro wrestling has changed tremendously with the evolution of the Internet and social media. When I first started back in the late 90s, many were hesitant to embrace the idea of fast-flowing information and a secretive culture being brought to light. However, in 2014, wrestlers and people in the business have no choice but to embrace it. We make WWE [and other pro wrestling companies] work harder to keep things secretive but there is a lot of interest in what happens behind-the-scenes and that's the reason Wrestling News World exists. Some will argue the Internet has hurt the business because it's "killed kayfabe" and while that's true to a degree, I think we help more than we hurt.

With Kurt Angle's TNA contract coming up and the recent part time workers coming WWE like RVD and Chris Jericho, wouldn't it make sense to bring Angle back and give him something similar?

I believe that Kurt Angle would embrace any opportunity that WWE gave him. What I don't know is the degree of WWE's interest. Angle, while one of the best in-ring workers of a generation, is 45 years old, has a fused neck and other health risks that could prevent him from passing a WWE physical. I believe the chances are better for him to end up as a key piece in Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling but I do not see him staying in TNA.

Do guys in NXT and new call ups to the main roster make enough money to pay their expenses?

It's tight for WWE developmental workers but everyone that appears on a main roster show (whether it's a TV taping or live event), receives a $500 show bonus. This money is used to help pay travel expenses. The earnings scale in WWE shows a tremendous gap that was largely proven when it was learned Randy Orton makes just shy of $300,000 per month.

Bray Wyatt gets a lot of praise (and rightfully so) but what about Luke Harper?

Luke Harper, the former Brodie Lee, was a highly touted prospect and is one of WWE's brightest up and comers at the age of 34. One thing I touted in Richard Reacts to Money in the Bank was the continued separation of Harper and Erick Rowan from Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is ahead of them but they aren't slouches either. The Usos vs. Harper & Rowan was the best match at Money in the Bank and all four appear to have very bright futures.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2012: Brodus Clay – you know, the man from Planet-funk, the Funk-a-sorus. What are your thoughts on his debut gimmick? - Believe it or not, this is the most popular question of the day. Some people loved it, some people hated it but everyone wants to know the skinny on Brodus Clay’s debut gimmick on Raw Supershow. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this type of gimmick – remember Flash Funk? I’ll admit when Justin Roberts announced him and he came out I thought it was all a huge rib. Originally thought to be a dominant force that was going to eliminate John Morrison from television, turns out to be the Funk-a-sorus from Planet Funk. They fed him Curt Hawkins so it looks like he’ll blow through enhancement workers but I have a hard time believing this gimmick can make it in the main event. It is certainly PG-friendly and gives developmental Divas Naomi and Cameron Lynn a chance to get on TV. While my initial reaction was surprise, it’s not fair to write the gimmick off as a failure or praise it as a success until it’s had a chance to progress.

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  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    Richard Gray, I’ve been constantly sending you questions about if Beth Phoenix has retired from wrestling ever since she left WWE in 2012 and if Colt Cabana were to return to WWE. Not to sound like I’m whining or complaining but why does it look like you’re ignoring the questions I’ve been sending you?

    • Winnipeg

      Good question

    • Beth is retired… for now. Her and Edge had a child together. Colt Cabana has had tryouts with WWE as an announcer but hasn’t been offered the job. Given the cutbacks, I don’t see him getting hired either.

      • Uzoma Iwuagwu

        Thank you. That was all I asked.

      • Kris Mystery

        To be honest i thought the Beth Phoenix situation was common knowledge and the Colt Cabana question has been asked and answered many times has it not?

        • Uzoma Iwuagwu

          I was curious about both cases because Beth Phoenix hadn’t been wrestling ever since she left WWE in 2012 and then earlier this year, she and Edge revealed that they have become parents to a baby girl, meaning that she spent the rest of last year expecting a child. For Colt Cabana’s case, considering his friendship with CM Punk and his (Punk’s) main event stardom beginning in 2011, I was wondering if WWE would rehire him but as Richard Gray told me, it looks like WWE won’t be bringing him back as either a wrestler or a broadcast personality.

          • BigMike

            if they do, please not as Scotty Goldman

          • Uzoma Iwuagwu

            Yeah, that ring name sucked.

    • 1molly23

      Thank you for not asking the same questions that Richard picks and answers daily. Your question was – at last – interesting and gave the IWC something more interesting than salaries – travel – and the norm for Mr. Grey.

  • Patrick

    “Brad Maddox is doing what a good pro wrestler does, promoting himself.”

    yeah that worked so well for Zack Ryder who was buried soon after WWE took control of his videos. his brief so called push was not good. and he hasn’t ment a thing since.

    • Venom

      While that’s true and all. I do think Zack didn’t do himself any favors. He dyed his hair blonde after all his merchandise had him with black hair. He doesn’t necessarily live the gimmick. Sure he wears purple hoodies and acts like a Justin Bieber fan listening to pop music in his videos. He claims in shoot interviews that he listens to rock and heavy metal. I’m not saying people have to live their gimmick 24/7, but they should be extensions of themselves. He was being something that he wasn’t.

      Also, while this was just recent. Destroying the US title on a YouTube video didn’t do him any favors.

      • Patrick

        reminds me when MR. Prefect destroyed Hogan’s WWE World Title belt. the same belt used years later as the Hardcore Championship that Vince gave to Mankind.

        • Venom

          Yeah but Mr. Perfect did it in storyline. Zack Ryder did it on his own (probably a replica) on his YouTube channel.

      • Bob’s Diner

        The simple fact is, Zack Ryder was just someone they never wanted to push. He was never ‘their guy’ and they didn’t want him to get over. The smartest thing Lance Storm said was that when they chanted ‘We want Ryder’ at The Rock, that was pretty much the kiss of death for the guy – you can’t have someone getting over when you’ve got plans for other guys. Same thing they tried with Daniel Bryan, except it backfired in the most hilarious way ever.

        • Guest

          LMAO! The IWC ALWAYS makes up stuff and people just run with it like its fact. Fact is Ryders push was halted once he got his backstage heat. Period! He just never recovered from that…in fact, he kept making it worst.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Backstage heat… now who is making stuff up and running with it?
            His ‘push’ consisted of being kept off PPVs and getting completely destroyed by Kane. What an awesome push it was!

    • Guest

      Well it did work for Ryder. Remember why his push was taken from him…because according to a lot of people in the back, he got a little too cocky and full of himself.

      • Tim

        Plus the jersey shore crap died hard. Rightfully.

  • Venom

    I’ve noticed my comments and others dissappear in other articles. Myself, and someone else posted on the Emma article. I went back to check and no comments were visible. Same with he Vicki article.

    • I will look into it. I do have to mention that comments on WNW are monitored as this is a family friendly site. Serious swearing, downright nastiness, and abusive comments will be removed. I’m not saying your comments were, just saying those can be reasons that comments might be removed.

      • Venom

        Thanks. No swearing at all.

  • Splat

    Erick Rowan doesn’t do much for me in the ring to be honest. That said Luke Harper is pretty great…

    • J Vomkrieg

      Erick is a pretty average big guy performer. Nothing amazing, but he’s not bad. I think he is being used very well at the moment, but don’t see much of him as a singles star.

  • 1molly23

    Richard – don’t you ever get tired of picking and answering the same questions over and over?

  • John

    I know it’s probably not going to happen, but the way the whole Rusev storyline is going, it sure does look like a perfect build to an eventual feud with the true American hero Kurt Angle. If they could stretch one match out of Angle and have him put over Rusev at WrestleMania it would be the perfect scenario. Even with all his injuries, I think the wrestling styles of both Angle and Rusev would make for a classic match.

    Rusev is being booked so aggressive and dominant right now that he’s not able to work a great match.. Once he gets a proper feud against someone he’s not booked to squash then I think we will see some amazing matches from him.

  • Padres4life

    Randy Orton makes that much? i wonder how much Bryan makes..

  • Robert Olley

    Just curious is that Ortons set wage or is that including merchandise?

  • Dave Barton

    “Brad Maddox is doing what a good pro wrestler does, promoting himself.”

    My only complaint about it is that he explicitly asks us to “notify the authorities”…to me, that’s crossing the line into real life. A lot of folks are taking it seriously (if not semi-seriously) and the last thing Brad needs is for WWE to be angry with him for causing a bunch of bogus 911 calls.

  • Tim

    Why does Rowan get crapped on it seems like. He never talks and is the one who loses the matches. While Harper gets the wins. I’m understand maybe his mic skills sucks. But I’m just wondering.