Bray Wyatt Beats John Cena Thanks To Possessed Child, Twitter Reaction

Bray Wyatt beat John Cena in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules on Sunday. The finish saw Cena about to escape the cage through the door but the lights went out Wyatt-style. When they came back on, a possessed child was standing by the door, singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." The distraction allowed for Bray to hit Sister Abigail on Cena and walk out of the cage.

Once to the outside, Bray hugged the child and The Wyatt Family made their way to the back with him.

Below are my Tweets:

  • tgflar

    why wasn’t bray disqualified? the cage match was not extreme rules

    • Seth Hillebrand

      You are kidding right??

      • tgflar

        no, they should have had bray win clean. the way it was done, bray should have lost. the cage match was not extreme rules.

        • Mark

          Its WWE Extreme Rules… No matches have DQ lol

        • Gio

          Continuing on Seth, a steel cage match is no dq in itself, plus it clearly is now dq just like the elimination chamber is no dq

          • opie

            Then again, I’ve only seen a handicap match end in a disqualification due to interference by participants in said match once . . .

  • Yaz

    Lol Tim…every cage match is Automatically a no DQ match.

    • tgflar

      sorry, been watching for 40 years. cage matches are NOT automatically no DQ match

      • Mysterion

        You serious? Like, seriously. Go find one WWE/F cage match that ended in DQ… Just because other promotions do doesn’t mean WWE ever have.

      • adam

        hahahaha what? cage matches are no DQ

  • Jonathan Salcido

    I really wanted Bray to come off as the imposing, strong heel that didn’t need the “help.” But Bray wins, cool. I don’t feel like, as a fan, Bray is as big a monster as he could be.

  • David F

    it was funny how King and Cole are trying to blame the fans for cheering Wyatt and booing Cena. fans are heels lol!

  • Matt Kunka

    he really does have the whole world in his hands!

  • Christopher

    I love the Bray character and all and like his performance but, am i the only one that think the whole kids thing is just too funny and ridiculous?

  • Jeremy

    John Cena vs Randy Orton Live Event in Oakland California Ended in a DQ when Orton hit a low blow on Cena earlier this year.

    • Jeremy

      that was a cage a match

  • H.M.

    Don’t really care what people say but that “possessed kid” deal was stupid. I was not a huge fan of the way the match went either. I wanted Wyatt to go over this time around but the assistance of the Family was WAY too much to the point of overkill. Cena constantly overcoming all 3 of these guys on his whole with his superhero BS only to be creeped out by this possessed kid near the end who came out of nowhere….yeah not buying it.

  • Patrick

    Fans are never happy..they want Bray to win and Cena to lose Bray wins then they complain how it is done. I mean if the family interfers they are fine with it…a kid in a mask does it (yes it was a bit silly ) and they complain….Bray is a heel and heels cheat no matter how it is done.

    I’m glad Bray won how it was done doesn’t matter to me as long as he went over.

    • H.M.

      It’s the over-reliance on your cronies or fellow faction members to win a match when you try to act so menacing that irritates me. Why can’t a heel ever be booked to be someone who can get the job done on his own when they have to? Wasn’t that the purpose of a steel cage match in its essence? Why must their lackies – if/when they are present – always play a deciding factor in a match? Wyatt, despite winning, still ended up looking weak as all hell. It was basically a 3-1 handicap match and Cena STILL almost won! Did you see how he almost overpowered Harper/Rowan in opening the cage door on his OWN? That’s TWO BIG guys that he almost overcame in order to escape before Wyatt was able to come to and drag Cena back in. Ridiculous, stupid, and every other negative word in the English dictionary applies to the ludicrous nature of what ensued. Or perhaps I’m just hating too much, I dunno. But in the end it took a possessed CHILD to throw him off in the end. And this is a wonderful segue for my next point..

      To be fair, it wasn’t the kid who irritated me; that could have been a very intriguing and otherwise creative little “interference” for an ending of a match that I could have accepted. What plagued it was the “possessed” aspect of the kid with his altered voice. I thought Undertaker’s(and Kane’s in the early days of his debut) otherworldly antics were stupid and corny back in the day. Never been a fan of supernatural or “magical” elements in Sports entertainment. I get that it’s scripted and requires one to suspend some disbelief but the appeal behind it is generally the fact that it attempts to(or at least how I and many others see it) pass itself off as something real. When something as corny and unbelievable as a possessed demon-Wyatt-indoctrinated child with an amplified(?) voice comes along, I lose interest as a viewer. My 0.02

      Overall, the match was terrible for me simply based on the above mentioned aspects. It plagued an otherwise decent matchup. You could also tell the fans weren’t into it either.

    • guest

      Couldn’t agree more. It was a great match. I think people put too much importance on the end of the match sometimes. I wish people could just enjoy it. The Bray Wyatt character is one of the best from WWE in years and no one could pull it off as well as Windham Rotunda. Don’t get me wrong I complain occassionally like everyone else, but it must be exhausting to complain about every match on every PPV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, etc. Just enjoy the ride.

      • opie

        Agreed. I understand why some people were frustrated by this match (such as the verbose H.M. below). Super Cena was extremely over the top last night, but that was the point. It’s nothing new. We’ve seen him do some insane stuff and overcome stupid odds before, but the match last night was booked to show that the power of Bray Wyatt is more than just the man. It’s the message, and the message grown so big that even an absurdly over-the-top Super Cena can’t overcome it.

        • H.M.

          It’s merely a matter of how you view the situation. If you want to view it in the manner you presented, then perhaps its tolerable. But I’m one of those who wants to enjoy a Cena feud (or any feud for that matter) but always get deterred after watching him do his schtick(or watching nearly every heel go down the same route of character development). The SuperCena rant is a tired one so I won’t go there. All I’ll say is that whatever the story they were trying to tell, it was way too corny for my tastes at the end of it all; like an old Saturday morning cartoon that ends after a hero is seen overpowered(for the time-being) by insurmountable odds after overcoming many of the said insurmountable odds earlier only to be overtaken by another surprise element(in Cena’s case, a “possessed” child).

          • opie

            I agree. I think the story could’ve been told better. It could’ve ended in some far more insane manner, like Cena and Wyatt climbing the cage, the lights going out, then coming back on to the cage full of people in robes and sheep masks pulling Cena back in. He disappears into a sea of black. Bray escapes, the cage goes up, and the whole little cult carries Cena out. Not just a kid with an altered voice.

  • Tom Mayer

    Bray Wyatt’s energy comes not from being an imposing figure but through his ability to influence following. His strength and power comes from influencing others to do his bidding for him, he just rides the wave.

    The menacing “strong” heel is cliche.. This man won in a dirty heel manner. I don’t know what there is to complain about.. In WWE, a win is a win, regardless of how it is attained.

    • Tom Mayer

      Furthermore, his charisma, his mic work, his own wrestling ability, and his own faith in his gimmick makes it plenty easier to sit through an entire 3 hour RAW seeing the same stupid commercials over and over again.

      Add the Shield and Daniel Bryan, and 3Hrs tends to breeze by a little quicker.