Bray Wyatt Injured At WWE Live Event In Providence

Bray Wyatt was injured at Saturday night's WWE live event in Providence, Rhode Island. The injury occurred during a six man tag match in which The Wyatt Family was opposing The Prime Time Players and R-Truth. When Bray was chasing Darren Young down the ramp, he tripped and went down hard.

They took the match home when it was clear he was injured and he was helped to the back by fellow Wyatt Family members.

While an official diagnosis is not available as of press time, early indications are the injury was to his ankle. He was unable to support his body weight after the injury.

  • armando

    Not good at all,could be a broken or Sprained ankle,if so injury like that can take weeks to heal.

    • Jim

      I was at that event last night and saw BrayWyatt go down. The Ref. made a signal to the others in the ring and went outside to check on Wyatt. Then one of the other attendants came over to talk to him. Did not seem fake at all! He made his way back to the edge of the ring and rolled inside the ropes. He then quickly tagged out and attempted to stand on his bad leg but could not. He looked to be in terrible pain. Could not tell if it was knee or ankle injury. But i would not expect to see him for a while!

      • Rus

        You think he broke a bone, could he put any weight on it at all. Doesn’t sound good but if he could atleast walk it shouldn’t be too bad

  • Damn, That stinks.

  • The great one

    Could easily see him just sticking to his rocking chair gimmick without any in ring action ..

    • Ricky

      That’s what they did when he tore he ACL just after debuting his gimmick on NXT last year. Sucks he got hurt though.

  • Hector Ochoa

    He tripped and fail??????? WTH. He won’t ;ast long in this business being that clumsy and fragile.

    • Mysterion

      He’s 26. He’s third generation. He has an amateur background. He’s worked for WWE since 2009. I don’t think one trip is going to shit on his career that much.

  • Charles

    His promos are so good that it’s probably better if he doesn’t soil his hands in the ring except on special occasions.
    Let his boys handle that stuff.

  • Jim Evans

    If he broke his ankle, i know how he feels. I broke mine in June and it still is not completely healed.