Bray Wyatt Injured

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Bray Wyatt, formerly known as Husky Harris, suffered a shoulder injury at the Florida Championship Wrestling show in Melbourne on Friday night.

The injury occurred during a triple threat match also involving Brad Maddox and Leo Kruger.

  • BigMike

    why do they keep changing his name? let him and his brother go by their real names I mean everyone knows who they are Husky reminds me of his grandfather so much. just like Michael Mcgillicutty ;that name is so damn stupid everyone knows who his family is so the name was just dumb

    • dusty588

      The Bray Wyatt character is different. If you are able to, watch the new NXT and you'll see him on there soon. There was also a new promo video for him this past week, again it is different from alot of other promo videos we have seen in the past. Check it out.

  • Kevin

    Did I miss something? Who is Husky Harris' grandfather? I know that McGillicutty is the son of Mr. Perfect, but I didn't realize Harris came from a wrestling family as well.