Bray Wyatt Works Weekend Events, Goldust Profiled, Billy Gunn In Corporation Angle

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- Bray Wyatt worked the weekend live event loop but didn't actually wrestle. He's currently dealing with a calf injury that he suffered a couple weeks ago but it's not serious enough to pull him off the road. Wyatt still appeared on shows alongside  Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

- Dot com has a new feature on Goldust at this link.

- NXT trainer Billy Gunn is now involved in the corporation angle that has expanded to developmental. Gunn worked as a special guest referee at an NXT live event last week in Daytona where he turned on Sami Zayn and allowed Bo Dallas to retain the NXT title. The storyline was that Triple H sent Gunn to make sure Dallas retained because it was best for business. The new NXT GM, JBL, agreed on Twitter.

  • Patrick

    man from what I’m reading WWE is boring with that “Best for bussiness angle” so glad I stoped watching WWE.

    • Nipple Twisty

      I’m glad I ‘stoped’ reading your post half way through.

      • Boogeyman

        You didn’t ‘stope’ reading halfway through considering his spelling error was the third to last word lol good try. Gotcha!

        • Nipple Twisty

          I did ‘stope’ after “boring” and continued reading from ‘stoped’, so technically I ‘skiped’ 😉

    • Mysterion

      You don’t watch WWE. You bitch incessantly about TNA. Stop coming here if you don’t watch products and just come to whine.

  • Mathew

    haven’t watched WWE since the end of 2012. reason: so freaking monotonous. as for whats best for business…break the monotony! just from reading the results posted on this site its the same matches every week.