Bray Wyatt's Cryptic WWE Money In The Bank Tweet

Bray Wyatt posted the following on Twitter:

Some are speculating because of The Wyatt Family's storyline "attack" on Kane at last Monday's WWE Raw that Bray will replace him in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. We cannot confirm that as of this writing.

  • Matt

    That would be a horrible move. I love the Wyatt family but having him in the ALL STAR match up is an atrocious idea.

  • Chris

    I think they take out Bryan.

  • Jaryd

    I don’t think that would be a good idea. If they put him in the match he either doesn’t win and therefore looks kinda weak after such a big build… or he wins and is carrying round a briefcase with a contract in it and is “Mr Money in the Bank”. Which would look a bit silly considering he’s supposed to be this outsider cult-leader type, it would be rather conformist of him!

  • Dennis

    They need a former champion “all stars” Big Show part of the Wyatt’s ?

  • Ben

    The Wyatt Family takes out Cena after the WWE title match, then the All-Star MITB winner cashes in. Going after anyone in MITB is tough because there’s so many other participants to deck them with ladders and make them look weak. I could still see them taking that route- and if they make it look believable that they are able to lay waste to everyone in that All-Star match, that would put them over in a big way- but taking out Cena puts them at the top of the card and allows for a nice swerve/surprise I doubt too many expect (that being Cena dropping the belt in any capacity).

    • Chris

      Without Kane to help, Bryan is vulnerable. Everyone else is out for the case, so it’s possible. It also sets up Wyatt Family vs Bryan and Kane (if Undertaker is out) at SummerSlam.

      • Ben

        Team Hell No is done and reuniting Bryan and Kane would be a step back for Bryan at this point. If the Wyatt Family does interfere, it should be something like how Nexus debuted, simply wreaking havoc and taking out everyone in sight. Heck, if the eventual winner is going to turn heel, he could take advantage by sneaking up the ladder while the Family is busy elsewhere.

        • Chris

          With Undertaker possibly injured, and the proposed triple threat match between Cena/Ryback/Henry at SummerSlam, Bryan is on the outside looking in, so a match where HE gets to save Kane would make sense and keep him from looking like the “weak” member of the team.

  • The Diz

    Jericho is going down to the wyatts

  • Cubed56

    The tweet simply meant exactly what it says, he don’t care about the briefcase so he wasn’t gonna show up, he’s just there to destroy people.