Breaking News - Steve Keirn Says There Is "No Truth" To FCW Shutting Down Rumor

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I contacted Florida Championship Wrestling President Steve Keirn via email this morning to ask about rumors regarding WWE shutting down the Tampa-based promotion. Keirn replied with the following quote:

There is no truth to the rumor we are at school today training and the WWE will respond to this to clear it up. Thank you for your concern. SK

News broke late last night/early this morning when WWE informed their local TV affiliate, the Bright House Network, they were pulling the series effective immediately. The initial word was that the remaining programming taped would air but the series would end in three weeks.

The news sent shockwaves through the Florida wrestling scene as I reported earlier this morning that current developmental workers were thinking of quitting and many were expecting cuts. At this point we'll see where the news goes from here and await an official response from WWE.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    lately WWE dienes things so I don't believe it untill it happens.

    • Matt Scott

      WWE always DENIES things.

  • Fernando

    Considering the fact FCW is featuring some good talents lately (Rollins, Ohno, Cesaro, Ambrose…), shutting it down would be stupid. Another thing would be moving it to CT so VKM can have more control.

  • havoc525

    A-Train isn’t coming back, and he’ll be on the next tour in Japan too, right?

    • MsMojoRisin

      tensai is atrain

      • Matt Scott

        Why vote this down? It's the truth.

  • spike westphal

    they might be moving there fcw superstars to nxt and turn it to a full blown brand

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    the r shutting the tv series n introducing the fcw roster to nxt.

    • Ben

      Are you just some strange guy who gets kicks out of attempting to wind people up with ludicrous stories?

  • nite

    if they contacted the TV stations carrying the show to cancel but are keeping the training on going, it could be in preparation for FCW to be shown on the network they are still working on. This would be a good thing if it increases viewers to see the FCW programming.

  • Ben

    FCW is becoming part of the wwe network

  • Murderalotta

    If fcw is closed wwe still has their biggest developmental promotion roh

  • H.M.


  • Kings of Wrestling

    I wonder if this was to try and find out who has been leaking story's out.

  • Andy

    Rasslin is fake

  • ZackPack

    I really hope FCW isn't closed. Some of it is great!

    Also, if they put Rollins, Ambrose, Claudio or Hero on NXT, it will ruin them.