Breaking News - TNA Co-Founder Jeff Jarrett Resigns

Jeff Jarrett wrote the following on Twitter:

Jarrett co-founded TNA Wrestling with his father Jerry in 2002. When Panda Energy purchased majority control of the promotion, Jarrett was retained as a minority shareholder.

His role with the company has varied over the years but he was believed to regained many roles and responsibilities recently after the departures of Hulk Hogan and Bruce Prichard.

The possibility of this being a work exists simply because of the nature of the business, however, the timing would suggest otherwise. Jarrett couldn't have made the announcement at a worse time as this will be more difficult to confirm due to the Christmas holiday. We'll continue to update with the latest information as we receive it.

  • Nostaljack

    Whoa! I’m guessing Carters drove him out. Still, they weren’t exactly doing gangbusters when he was there so I’m not sure this is much of a loss. He hasn’t been on TV in forever. The question becomes where does he go? Certainly not WWE. Barry Horowitz stands a better chance at getting into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    • AlphaMale

      If it was up to me Horowitz would’ve been in the hall a long time ago! Brooklyn Brawler too! Lol

  • Xavier

    Honestly, I thought he left a long time ago

    • Nostaljack

      He did. He likely checked out when Russo left.

  • The Breaker

    Not a big surprise (to me at least). So I guess the odds of JJ getting a TNA Hall of Fame nod is even less likely now? I honestly think he deserved to be the first one in. It’s kind of disgraceful to not have the founder of your company as a part of it.

    • Mysterion

      To be honest having a Hall of Fame in TNA is a joke anyway. What’s that company done to earn that? It’s a Hall of Fame with zero prestige.

      • The Breaker

        Yeah, I tend to agree, but now that it’s been created the least they could do is induct people who have been most important to the company’s (relatively short) history.

  • 1molly23

    Oh well, no more tv time for Karen! Great Christmas present, sorry to see you leave JJ!

  • Ricky

    No shocker here, I haven’t been a Double J fan since he fell out with JR then made cheap shots on WCW TV about him along with his buddies Russo and Ferrera. Remember Jarrett was the same guy who gave himself the NWA strap four times. Married Kurt Angle’s ex wife and had “His feeling hurt” when TNA inducted Sting into the TNA HOF over him.
    Sorry but I don’t feel bad of him at all. Good luck getting back into the WWE Jeff.

  • Scott Davies

    Good bye TNA

  • Keith Spencer