Breaking Up The Shield, WWE's Big Summer Angle, Lesnar's Absence, Comparing Rollins To Hogan

Do you think it was the right choice to break up The Shield?

I'm on board with Seth Rollins turning on The Shield and joining Evolution. The angle gives WWE a sharp page turner into the summer and will only help the elevation of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and of course Rollins. No one saw Rollins' turn coming and those are the best angles. Not only that but it helps Triple H look powerful, even with Evolution "doing the honors" at two straight pay-per-views. A breakup of The Shield was inevitable and I can't think of a better time to do it. How higher could the faction go after consecutive defeats of Evolution? This was perfect timing.

Usually around this time of year, WWE usually has a huge summer angle lined up, such as Nexus or CM Punk turning heel. My question is do you think Rollins turning heel is the big angle heading into the summer.

You are exactly right and it was nearly four years ago The Nexus stormed onto the scene and created one of the most compelling angles we have seen on WWE television in quite some time. I heard Monday afternoon that Vince wanted to do something big for the summer and turning Seth Rollins is exactly that. WWE can build off of this for the next few months and it should only help in elevating three up and coming stars.

Brock Lesnar beat the streak at Wrestlemania 30 and hasn't been back since. Doesn't him being off for so long take the "rub" that The Undertaker gave him away?

I don't think so and actually feel it does quite the opposite. Brock Lesnar got one of the biggest rubs in WWE history by ending the streak and there hasn't been an opportunity big enough for him to display his dominance. Sometimes less is more and Lesnar having squash matches on B-level shows loaded with Wrestlemania blow-offs runs the risk of overexposing him. Lesnar is WWE's new "money chip" and they need to use it wisely. The worst thing they could do is rush Lesnar back to TV in a meaningless feud. Patience is the key here and Lesnar's part-time status and contract actually works in the company's advantage. Paul Heyman isn't going to let anyone forget what Lesnar did and the next time WWE uses him, people are going to pay attention.

Coming off the Payback win and the timing, was the heel turn of Seth Rollins better than that of Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach 1996?

The heel turn of Seth Rollins was surprising and properly executed, however, I do not put it on the level of Hulk Hogan's turn on Team WCW at Bash at the Beach 1996. WCW captivated the entire industry with the defections of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and just when it appeared Hogan had come to WCW's rescue, he joined the biggest thing going. Everyone knew Hall and Nash were from the WWF and while it was known they had signed WCW contracts, it was done so tactfully that it was very intriguing. The "takeover war" on WCW had been launched and Lex Luger, Sting and Randy Savage were over huge. When they looked to be in serious trouble, Hogan was there to the rescue. There was already a very clear WWF vs. WCW fan base and Hall and Nash had brought over WWF fans, while WCW fans wanted "their guys" to go over. The turn infuriated WCW loyalists and propelled the company to heights we haven't seen since. You have to realize Hogan's turn was at the magnitude of turning John Cena at a time he was needed the most. It was great TV and anyone that hasn't seen it, needs to go back and watch Bash at the Beach '96 on WWE Network.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2013: Are you as bored with Fandango character as everyone else? So boring and irritating. - WWE is trying to irritate people with Fandango, so if you’re irritated, they’ve accomplished their goal. I’ve joked with readers on Facebook and Twitter about people “never getting his name right” so we don’t have to endure the gimmick but the truth is we haven’t seem much of a sample to give it a fair assessment. I find it peculiar the company pushes the gimmick in vignettes, takes them off, puts them back on then does what they are doing now with him “refusing to debut.” It seems to highlight the indecision that goes on behind-the-scenes. Fandango is set to work The Great Khali on Smackdown, will he debut? Taping results are online at this link.

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  • Rachel Miller

    With Seth Rollins joining Evolution, do you expect maybe Dean Ambrose to be joining Evolution as well?

    • Superfly

      That would have made more sense. I thought that was where they were going. It wasn’t a great heel turn. If he comes out next week and cuts a great promo in a suit, clean shaven and a fresh haircut than I will say it was effective. Until that happens it doesn’t make sense.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Because Evolution are all about looking sharp and clean cut?
        Batista has a beard. Orton has a beard. HHH used to have long hair when Evolution first started. And crazy facial hair at times.

  • sam

    I always judge a heel/face turn by the crowds reaction. Rollins turn was a legitimate shock and done extremely well. If they play this off right, I see all 3 main eventing in the next 15 mos.

  • The Bops

    The only flaw I see here, is that before the Shield turned Face, weren’t they sorta part of “Evolution” before Evolution reunited?
    They were the Authority’s henchmen and at the time, the Authority consisted of HHH, Stephanie, Orton, and Kane.
    Isn’t this more of a flip-flop?

    • Venom

      It started with them not like taking orders from Kane. When the whole He’s movement happened on Occupy Raw in Memphis, Kane accused Lawler. So when he ordered Sheyld to attack him they attacked Kane instead. Then the New Age Outlaws got involved which made them face. So he’s, while they were the henchmen, they didn’t like taking orders from Kane which started it all.


      BAM!! I was thinking the same thing

  • kingdook24

    Richard, how can you be on board with this when Rollins basically just went back to square one being HHH’s lackey? Yes, The Shield were getting orders from Kane, but Kane works for the Authority. And how many times did the Shield beatdown Daniel Bryan over the last year? Did you not see the pre-match interview with Orton & Renee Young? Orton said he just got done speaking with HHH and HHH assured him that he is STILL the “face” of the WWE. Isn’t that one of the MAIN reasons why The Shield were beefing with The Authority/Evolution in the first damn place? That they were tired of being HHH’s lackeys?!

    So Rollins just forgot about all that & decided to be a lackey again?! Orton just assured us in that interview that HHH still claims Orton his TOP guy. So Rollins is gonna just accept that he’s SECOND to Orton, when in The Shield everyone was EQUAL?! If that was the case, Rollins should’ve just went SOLO, not become a lackey again the Authority/Evolution.

    See what I’m saying? I don’t mind the turn… but the logical reasoning behind it, I feel, is or will be horribly executed. I seriously hope I’m wrong, but right now, I don’t see it. If you’re gonna turn someone, let it make sense to do it. Don’t simply turn someone just for the sake of shock value. Prime example: Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family – one of the main shockers of last year… but people were STILL cheering for the man, they didn’t accept him being a heel. And they quickly nixed it having Bryan claim to attack them from the inside. I hope WWE has a good, believable reason for having Rollins join the team his PREVIOUS team just defeated at two straight PPVs.

    • Steve pritchard

      I thought it was a great swerve ! Which is what wwe has been lacking for a long time . When you can predict what happens on raw from week to week it’s a bad thing. Remember the early days of raw . When we would tune in every Monday because we didn’t know what they were going to do next? That’s what’s missing now. It’s gotten way to predictable . We knew bray Wyatt would lose to Cena at payback. And that’s a bad thing. That’s why a lot of old school fans like myself laugh at this new era of wrestling. I didn’t mind Cena beating bray , but the fact I seen that coming weeks ago is absurd . And very lazy on the creative side. The Seth Rollins turn was a breath of fresh air . Even though it makes no sense. It’s something different . Which wwe creative desperately needs to do more of . If they want more people to buy they’re ppv’s or subscribe to the network.

      • GODSENT67

        Could you really blame the unpredictability on WWE or blame it on the accessibility of information online in comparison to THOSE days???

  • Frank Rizzo

    Whether you agree or disagree with the swerve, by the looks of the comments section on this website, it has the majority of people talking. I think that’s evidence of a job well done here by wwe

    • kingdook24


  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Seth Rollins joining Evolution was the biggest WTF moment of the year besides the streak ending.

  • guest

    I say lets switch renee young and michael cole’s roles in the wwe, I’d prefer cole off of the announce team

  • Splat

    Seth Rollins will just take Dave’s role of being the guy that get’s pinned when Evolution loses. How sad…

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    It had to be Seth. Roman is headed for a run at singles matches and Ambrose looked comical last night with all the goofy facial expressions. Don’t know what that was all about.

    • kingdook24

      I don’t think it was goofy at all. He completely sold the shock.

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        Yes the shock. He did that. But his promo befor Seth turned was just comical to me. I don’t know why but I thought he was really off in that promo.

  • David F

    I would love to see Sami Zayn join Shield for just MITB PPV against new Evolution then maybe you can do Zayn v Rollins singles feud. That would be awesome

  • Bob’s Diner

    Rollins isn’t even close to Hogan’s level. Bizarre comparison by someone

  • Terra Ryzing

    This might be crazy, but what if the swerve is a swerve. Hear me out. What if Seth Rollins joined Evolution so the Shield can take them down from the inside? Just a thought.

    • Stephen Cash

      He didn’t need to do that they already took them down…

      • Terra Ryzing

        I meant take them down completely since Triple H said it wasn’t over. I know its out of left field and probably wrong but I was just playing out different scenarios. On the other hand I do love the idea of Sami Zayn replacing Rollins.

  • Stephen Cash

    I would love to see Sami Zayn replace Rollins, and let this fued continue!!!!

  • BlazeKing

    The response I get from Richard’s reply to the Lesnar’s “rub” is that WWE is going to use him for the next “streak”. I bet it doesn’t get anywhere near Taker’s though!!!

    They should have never ended the streak that way… They should have both taken a spot (initiated by Lesnar) that took them both out of them match but still “ended” the Undertaker himself since he’s only just a man like Heyman said before. The shock the crowd went through would have still happened. The streak would have “ended” at 21-0 at the hands of Brock Lesnar whom would’ve been the person to start the WM streak the following year; essentially replacing Taker.

    Having Brock directly pin Taker was just the lazy way of getting a cheap “shocked reaction” from the crowd. I would pay money to hear what Jim Cornette had to say about it!

  • Ant_C

    Even if you go back and watch bash at the beach now it wont be the same. Kind of like Ali in his prime. You can go back and watch the tapes but if you were not there to experience the hype and live it then its not the same. Hogan was the good guy his whole carrier and that role model for the kids. No one ever really dreamed of him being the bad guy. Wrestling fans are a lot smarter now too so things don’t come off quite the same. The shock of that was kind of the same as the shock of Lesnar ending the streak.

    • _lawrenc1

      Actually, Hogan was not a face his entire career up to that point. He originally entered the then WWF in 1979 and was managed by Freddie Blassie. He also bodyslammed Andre the Giant before Wrestlemania 3; check out 1980’s “Showdown at Shea”.

  • Mitchell

    For steve to say Raw has become to predictable I don’t thank they are it have gotten very hard for WWE to get away with anything anymore because so many websites let everybody know before it happens so for them to pull this off with the shield I got to give to Vince.

  • Lebron James

    So Rollins gets a push by joining evolution and Reigns gets a push by feuding with Rollins. Where does that leave Ambrose? How does he benefit from this? That’s the one question I have. Otherwise, everything seems to be heading the right way.

    PS: I can see Rollins and Reigns having an HBK vs HHH caliber rivalry.

  • Robert Olley

    Surely nobody honestly thought rollins turn was as big as hogans. He was the biggest babyface for over a decade how can rollins turn be anywhere close to that after not even 2 years on the main roster

  • monty

    nothing will ever top Hogan turning, nothing. Even when Austin turned it was a wrestling angle and it didn’t work. But when Hogan turned it felt real and made a huge impact

    also i agree Brock shouldn’t be used that much, bring him back for summer slam but no wwe title because that means her has to go through consecutive PPV’s. I feel like the best thing for him is to make an impact than leave fr few months

    right now there isn’t one star who i can say should face Brock, not one. He has faced all the usual suspects like cane etc, after beating Taker Brock needs to be put into the must see IT matches.

    Richard i think wwe should keep Brock winning for next few years than at WM32 maybe have him loose to an up and coming super star. Brock is the IT player now

    how about Brock vs Wyatt at WM31 or WM32