Bret Hart Apologizes For Pat Patterson Joke

Bret Hart apologized for his joke to Pat Patterson during Bret Hart Appreciation Night that took place after this week's Monday Night Raw in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hart wrote the following on Facebook:

I sincerely apologize to anyone that was in any way offended by my in-ring joke to Pat Patterson on Monday, especially to Pat, whom I hold in the highest regard. I was only trying to take some of the edge off an emotionally challenging moment and I failed. The comment does not in any way reflect my feelings toward the gay and lesbian community. B

For those that missed it, Patterson said something about taking a knee and Hart said that he gets scared when Pat gets on his knees. Jerry Lawler tried to sidestep the joke to no avail.

Patterson is openly homosexual.

  • Kleck

    This PC BS is insane. The man made a joke that even Patterson laughed at when he picked up on it. Lighten up…DAMN.

    You can make fun of anything else in this world but if you make a joke at the gay community, it’s somehow hate speech. Want equality…take a joke.

  • Tone


  • Stoney

    Glaad are

  • BobCobb

    Don’t apologize Bret. I found it hilarious. People are way to serious about this sorta stuff. If u were offended by his joke, as cm punk would say, go drink bleach

  • swifty

    Dunno why he said sorry for, most people in the gay community would have found it hillarious. Very tongue in cheek. Alot worse innuendo is used in other forms of television, such as family guy and American dad.

    Sensational sherri made the joke at her hall of fame speech that “patterson could keep a msn longer than her”
    People need to stop taking things so serious and have a giggle with it