Bret Hart Appreciation Night Airing Live Exclusively In Canada?

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, who now works for The Score, wrote the following on Twitter:

Based on this, it looks like Bret Hart Appreciation Night will not take place on the 8-11 airing of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. Next week's show emanates from the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • Dustyn

    Maybe the part that will air exclusively in Canada will be something like they did with the Edge Appreciation Night a couple years ago. I think there might be some stuff airing during RAW for everyone to see.

  • BobCobb

    I would hope he at least makes an appearance during raw? How can they have a Bret hart appreciation night and not have him on the show. That’s pretty insulting

  • Hussein

    Thank god because I’m going on Monday can’t wait

    • disqus_j8GqSQMUt1

      Maybe Hacksaw Jim Duggan can play a heel for the first in WWE, chanting USA, USA, USA!