Bret Hart Appreciation Night, Unreal Amount Of Blood In Latest WWE Studios Movie

Bret Hart Appreciation Night

WWE announced on Friday (here on dot com) that the May 27th episode of Monday Night Raw will be Bret Hart Appreciation Night. The only detail announced was that Hart will be attendance for the show from the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary.

Blood Thirsty?

If copious amounts of blood do it for you, you won't want to miss "No One Lives" this weekend with Brodus Clay. The wrestler-turned-actor told the amount of blood used in the film is "unreal." Below is an excerpt:

The amount of blood that is used in the movie is unreal. The makeup guys are phenomenal because they make their own blood. That was one thing about this movie that I was really honored to be a part of, it was done “in film” like a traditional movie and no CGI. It’s all done by the makeup department which, when it comes to a horror movie, is key. That’s what I think makes it real. When you can actually see it. The amount of energy and effort that went into that is just amazing.

Click here to read a complete Q&A that Clay did with Click here for details on where you can catch the flick this weekend.

  • Alex Barie will be thrilled with this! *sarcasm*

    • Haha, Jesse! Check for my thoughts on it! *Cheap plug*

  • Destruction EWA

    Wasn’t the original Bret Appreciation Night scheduled the Raw when Jerry had his heart attack?

    • Nic

      No that was pat Patterson appreciation night I was in Montreal that night and it was scary

  • Guess we know where all the blood that disappeared from our TVs thanks to the PG Initiative went. Thanks a lot, a-holes!

    • Well movie blood is fake. I have no issue with WWE not wanting their guys to slice themselves open for the sake of a few moronic fans.

      • thepowerserge

        I’m not saying they should blade themselves on purpose, but if it happens by accident, how about you show it on TV dammit! Hell, the average 10 year old has already seen far worse either on the big or small screen anyway.

  • Hussein

    I live in Calgary and I’m attending the show I’m so excited