Bret Hart Comments On Return To Montreal With WWE

Bret Hart wrote the following on Twitter;


  • Jeff Ono

    I know that it's completely illogical to say so. But I'd love for Vince to sneak in a segment where HBK interrupts Bret Hart during an in-ring interview segment, HBK then reminds Bret that he got the better end of their final feud, and then let Bret clock HBK with one punch. Maybe that would give me and others more closure, even if it's on the surface. Somehow a knockout punch would close that feud better than a ridiculous hug (per Jan.2010 or whenever it was). I like HBK, but he was a real punk back then (all the manipulation behind the scenes), and he admits to it. If only Vince were willing to do it … oh well.

    • izblack

      Horrible idea honestly, Hart has forgiving HBK. HBK is a different person then he was back in 97, he’s matured a lot. No need for a punch. Both have moved on from that incident and so should you.

    • izblack

      Horrible idea. Hart has forgiven HBK. HBK is a different person then what he was in 97. HBK has really matured alot since then and both Hart & HBK have moved on from that incident so a punch doesn’t need too happen, but I’ll tell you what needs too happen and that’s for you too move on.

    • Chris

      How much closure do you need?

    • Joeyrover


    • XKonn247

      A lot of us got closure with the Bret and Shawn in ring segment a few years back. You don’t always need violence fella.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Great for him. Shows his true character.

  • Hardy

    He will, that’s a certainty. He may not be able to wrestle anymore, but he’s an icon. He will get a huge pop wherever he appears, and rightly so.

  • Michael

    Something tells me, Vince will recreate that scene again one way or another and have Bret included.