Bret Hart Explains Why He Never Faced Hulk Hogan In 1993

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Arda Ocal sent in the following:

In part 3 of of the sit down interview with Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Bret Hart (@BretHart), The Hitman talks about why he never faced Hulk Hogan in WWE in 1993. The short answer is, "Hogan was scared". Bret digs deeper and the response is quite interesting!

Part 3 of the interview:

  • Jeff Ono

    I've always loved Bret Hart. I enjoyed his book immensely. But it seems, especially over the last three years, that Bret is incredibly candid and vocal about everyone else's faults, but not his own. The bitterness is gone, which is good. But the critical nature is still there … and that's fine. But I think that Bret is capable of acknowledging his own shortcomings/mistakes in some of these situations, even Montreal (which I certainly take his side overall). He just seems like he has more self awareness than he's actually showing. Maybe it's a defense mechanism to make him feel comfortable. But his humility could come through a bit more. I only notice it because I hold him in higher regard than many of the other legends. It's sad to see how emotionally battered he looks, unlike other guys who suffer from the major physical impairments (although Bret's stroke was hardly anything to underestimate). Bret talks about hiding under the Hitman glasses over all those years. Now that he doesn't/can't hide under the glasses, he seems far less confident. I just hope that he does more to make peace with everything, including his own contributions, for better and occasionally worse.